Our team has grown quite a bit, especially within the last year. We now have a team of seven, and we plan to continue growing. A fun fact, we actually had our first-ever, in-person team meetup. You see, even though the main team is located in the D.C. area, we all work remotely.

Earlier this week we made it a point to connect. We planned a lunch and a team event, and both were successful. It really helped get us all engaged and recharged, now we’re a well-oiled machine all moving in the same direction.

We decided to make this a real team-building experience. An event where we had to use our noggins for strategy (and fun). Naturally, our team went full force and we booked an escape room at PanIQ Escape Room. Together we escaped with a few minutes to spare. Though it may not be a traditional team building experience, it really did make us work together and it was an awesome icebreaker – so if you have a smaller team like ours, perhaps you should try it out.

Team building exercise ideas

Perhaps and escape room won’t fit in the mix. Here are 10 Quick and Easy Team Building Activities that will work whether you’re a remote team or not.  Team building activities instill communication, motivation, and morale. Activities create a healthy environment in the office and strengthen overall teamwork (across all departments). Most of the activities can even be done via video chat (for you remote teams).  We’ll keep you updated on other activities we try and meetups we have.

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