What’s the best way to ensure that your company’s brand ambassador job description is effective? Cover all the essential points by following this step-by-step guide. 

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is an official representative of a brand, who helps promote a company’s products, spread its message, and cultivate a strong image of that brand. They interact with potential customers and show how they authentically use the products in their everyday life.

A brand ambassador already loves your brand and has been recruited to formally promote it in the long term. They might do this online (on their blog or social media accounts), offline (at events, trade shows, and guerrilla pop-ups), or both.

What is a brand ambassador job description?

A brand ambassador job description outlines all the essentials someone needs to know when applying for a brand ambassador role, which helps filter out potential applicants. That way, only qualified people actually apply. 

A good brand ambassador job description includes both the minimum requirements and the ideal qualifications for the role. It should also be tailored to your specific needs, so candidates know what they’re getting into if they accept your offer.

darling authority brand ambassador job description

The exact contents of a brand ambassador job description will depend on the company and the program, because an ambassador’s role can vary greatly depending on the company and industry they’re working in. In general, however, an ambassador is responsible for promoting and representing your brand to their community in a way that is true to your mission statement. They will also help you with sales, marketing initiatives and events, customer service, and more.

red bull job description 1

red bull job description 2

The Red Bull Student Marketeer ambassador job description.

What to include in a brand ambassador job description?

A brand ambassador job description should be clear and concise. Your goal is to recruit ambassadors who are passionate about the company, who trust your brand and its products or services, and who you can count on to represent the company in a positive light. To ensure a strong ambassador program, you must articulate what your team members will do and why this is essential for the company and its customers.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this brand ambassador job description template. 

Here are the essential components you’ll need to include in the description:

Set expectations for the role

Explain what the ambassador will be doing at your company, so candidates know whether their skills fit the role and can prepare themselves accordingly. This may include tasks like generating new leads on social media platforms, researching competitors’ content, sharing relevant content with followers, organizing events, or writing blogs about customer service experiences with your brand.

jimmy brand ambassador expectations

Outline necessary qualifications

Next up is detailing qualifications for potential ambassadors—the things they must do well to succeed in this position. You should also list any “nice-to-have” characteristics that could help contribute toward their success, but that aren’t required.

PINK brand ambassador program example

pink campus rep application requirements

Explain what ambassadors will get in return

Finally, clarify what ambassadors can expect to get out of the experience. This includes monetary compensation–but you might also provide them with free products or services in exchange for their efforts. In addition, you might help them develop leadership and other skills, or give them specialized training. It helps if you’re upfront about what ambassadors will receive and when they’ll receive it (so there aren’t any surprises).

brand ambassador benefits

Brand ambassador job description sections

The following sections show what to include if you are writing about an ambassador role for your own company, in order to cover the three essential components above. You don’t have to address the sections in the order we list, as long as you address them all.


This is where you set the stage for the ambassador role and why it’s vital to your business. This paragraph or two should provide an overview of the position, including what ambassadors will do and how they can help you grow your business.

In this section, you’ll start to outline what you’re looking for in a brand ambassador. Include a brief description of the main objectives that your brand ambassadors will accomplish. You can also include some background on how these objectives align with your overall marketing strategy and goals.

This section should also preview the essential duties and responsibilities required of your brand ambassadors to fulfill these objectives. Also, highlight the characteristics needed for success in the role. 

You’ll also want to specify any requirements they must fulfill to qualify for the position (such as having a certain number of followers on social media).

Keep things concise, as you’ll go into more detail on all of this in the later sections. 


What responsibilities must a brand ambassador fulfill? Brand ambassador duties will vary depending on whether it’s a digital or in-person role (or both). 

For example, if you ask your ambassador to promote your brand on social media, they might be required to post a certain number of times per week or month.

But suppose you’re hiring brand ambassadors who are hosting events in person. In that case, they may need to attend specific training sessions before working with their community.

Regardless of whether they’re active online or offline, ambassadors must be the face and voice of your brand. They will be responsible for helping to project a positive image of the brand at all times, and they must always live out your brand’s values, mission, and vision.

They will also be responsible for sharing their love for your brand with potential customers. Ambassadors build relationships with members of their target audience and educate them about how they can use the products they represent in real life.

Finally, ambassadors should hold meaningful conversations (both online and offline) about your brand and products with members of their target audience. So, interpersonal skills are a must. 

Other roles and responsibilities will vary from program to program. Some potential brand ambassador responsibilities are:

  • Representing the brand at events, conferences, and trade shows
  • Speaking on behalf of the brand at these same events and conferences
  • Participating in interviews with local media outlets about the brand’s activities or services
  • Participating in social media campaigns to raise awareness of the brand’s mission and goals
  • Collecting customer feedback to learn about the existing customer experience with your brand
  • Testing new products and helping with product launches
  • Hosting meet-and-greet events where members of the community can learn more about the brand
  • Organizing guerrilla marketing campaigns (pop-up events)

Examples of specific points that brands might include in a responsibilities section are: 

  • Embody the mission and values of [brand] at all times
  • Post about [brand] twice a month on Instagram
  • Talk to expecting and new parents about [brand] at the Biggest Baby Shower Ever event
    Bumble honeys job description 1

    Bumble brand ambassador job description 2

    Responsibilities that Bumble Honey ambassadors must fulfill.

    Considerations to include

    We’ve already talked about the most important responsibilities you should cover in your brand ambassador job description, but here are some other considerations that might make your job listing even stronger.

    It’s good practice to specify how many hours per week an ambassador will need to work, any specific days and times they’ll need to be available, and whether they’ll work full-time, part-time, or a flexible schedule. The locations they’ll be an ambassador at (if applicable), and whether they’ll need to travel, are also essential to list.


    In the qualifications section, include a list of the requirements for being an effective brand ambassador. These include a brand ambassador’s experience and the essential skills required for the role. 

    • One of the most important qualifications for any brand ambassador is that they have authority in a niche that matches yours, or among an audience that matches your own.
    • Knowledge of your brand is also key – ambassadors must love your brand and already use it in real life!
    • If you want to hire a certain type of ambassador to better reach your audience, you can lay out additional age, gender, niche expertise, student status, or other related requirements.

    The qualifications section should also include a description of any additional brand ambassador requirements, beyond what you listed in the introduction.

    • For instance, if a candidate needs to be fluent in another language, or if they need to have experience running or planning events, you should note those things here.
    • If they must have a certain amount of education (say, a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree), or experience in a similar role, list that out as well.
    • Not all ambassador programs require this, though; many only require a working knowledge of marketing techniques.

    Similarly, suppose it’s essential that your brand ambassador have experience maintaining accounts on specific social platforms, high engagement from their social audience, or a set amount of social followers (or all of the above). In that case, you should include those details here as well.


    bumble honeys qualifications

    Qualifications for becoming a Bumble Honey ambassador.

    You choose ambassadors for their personality, expertise, and ability to become brand advocates. They need to be constantly active in promoting you on social media and in person, so they need excellent communication skills. They must also be able to build relationships with followers. But what specific communication and relationship-building skills do they need for your ambassador role? List them out here. 

    Strategic planning skills go hand-in-hand with this role because ambassadors are usually responsible for setting goals and creating action plans to help them reach them. They should also be ready to give and receive feedback at all times.

    Here are some examples of qualifications that brands might include in a brand ambassador job description:

    • Experience creating content on Instagram with a highly engaged follower base
    • Experience planning pop-up events (small group guerilla marketing events)
    • Outgoing personality and strong offline, one-on-one conversational skills 
    • Must currently be enrolled as an undergraduate at a U.S. college or university


    Compensation is a crucial part of any job description. It will help you attract suitable candidates who want to be paid well and rewarded for their hard work.

    If you plan to hire brand ambassadors, consider how much they’ll earn during their tenure with your company. Will they be salaried, paid hourly, or paid on a performance basis? 

    If ambassadors’ compensation depends on performance, what must they do to earn a commission? When brand ambassadors are paid on a commission basis, this usually means they earn money based on their sales metrics and the number of new customers they bring in for you. They might also be paid by post, although this means that you’re paying before you see results.

    How will ambassadors be paid? In cash, in credit that you can use toward buying your products, or with tangible rewards such as free products, tech gifts, or event tickets? What other benefits will ambassadors receive beyond compensation, such as training, networking opportunities, and leadership development?

    Will ambassadors be required to purchase their gear and supplies? Will they be reimbursed for these expenses or given a budget for them?

    Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin creating a compensation plan for your ambassador program.

    Call to action

    Within your brand ambassador job description, be sure to invite interested and qualified parties to apply by directing them to your brand ambassador application.

    To do this, you can use a call-to-action (CTA) to drive applicants to a landing page where they can fill out an application form. Your CTA can be located within the job description or at the end. It depends on your website’s design and the job description’s layout. 

    You’ll want to ensure that the CTA stands out from the rest of the text, especially if it’s in the middle of the job description. An excellent way to do this is by making it bold and placing it in a colored box.

    The CTA should be specific and clear about what it is you want applicants to do, such as “Apply now.” It’s also essential to include any information applicants may need to apply, such as a link to your application form.

    Sample brand ambassador job description: B2C

    For a fictional trendy fashion brand targeted at Gen Z shoppers

    YZStyle is a trendy clothing line that wants to recruit college students as ambassadors. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn money by posting on Instagram and organizing pop-up events for their peers. We’re looking for Gen Z mavens who share our taste in fashion, know how to build a social media presence, and are excited about the idea of repping their school and city at events around town.

    We’re looking for someone with: 

    • A strong sense of style
    • An eye for detail
    • The confidence to approach strangers and make them feel comfortable in convos. 
    • Lots of creativity, because you’ll be responsible for developing new ideas for outfits that fit our brand aesthetic
    • A talent for expressing yourself through words and images on social 
    • Sharp organizational skills
    • A core follower base on Instagram that’s highly engaged

    This position pays $15 per hour, plus a commission on sales from the friends and followers you introduce us to. You must be available every Friday night from 5 pm-8 pm EST during the school year (September-May). If you think this sounds like the job for you, please apply through our brand ambassador application. You’ll need to send us a current resume through the application.

    Sample brand ambassador job description: B2B

    For a fictional B2B email marketing software

    SendSaturn email marketing software is looking for expert ambassadors in the B2B space. If you already use our software at your business and are passionate about connecting with others, ambassadorship may be a great fit for you. Our ambassadors educate prospective B2B customers about our software at leading events and trade shows throughout the year, including SaaSCon at the end of September and B2BSpace at the beginning of May. We’ll pay you hourly for your work at these events, plus cover lodging, transportation, and meals. 

    As an ambassador, you’ll share how SendSaturn has helped your business in one-on-one conversations, and help others see how our software could bring similar benefits to their own companies. So, strong in-person conversational skills, advanced understanding of our software, and an ability to think on your feet are a must. You must also be willing to participate in a training program that will get you ready for ambassadorship.

    If this sounds like you and you’re interested in applying, visit our application page here: [CTA with link to application]

    Brand ambassador FAQ

    Still have questions about what a brand ambassador job description entails? Our FAQ will help you out.

    What are a brand ambassador’s goals?

    An ambassador’s objective is to raise brand awareness, build relationships with your brand’s target audience, and help increase sales. They create content about their experience with your products or services and share it on social media or their blog. Ambassadors can help you launch new products or services, build awareness of existing ones, and even create loyalty among your customers.

    Why do you need a brand ambassador job description?

    An effective brand ambassador job description is vital to your recruitment process, as it will help you attract qualified candidates. Writing one is especially important if you’re hiring a brand ambassador for the first time, and you’re still thinking about what to expect from someone who fills the position. If you don’t have one in place, you could find yourself with a bad hire who doesn’t meet responsibilities as expected.

    A brand ambassador job description tells candidates what they can expect if they become your ambassadors, and helps you determine whether a candidate is suitable for the job.

    Be as specific as possible in your job description. This is because an ambassador’s role can vary greatly depending on the company and industry they’re working in. For example, someone who works as a brand ambassador for a tech company may have very different responsibilities than someone who promotes an amusement park.

    Are ambassadors your employees?

    Brand ambassadors could be employees in your marketing department or independent contractors. You may compensate them on a salary or on a performance (commission) basis. Regardless of their employment status, you want someone who aligns with your company’s mission statement so they are committed to helping your business grow. Whether they’re employed or independent, they’re a valuable part of your marketing team. 

    Even though brand ambassadors don’t have to be salaried employees, ambassadorship is always a formal role with specific responsibilities and expectations. You need a brand ambassador job description, just like you do for any recruited role.

    How are ambassadors different from influencers?

    Unlike influencers, ambassadors aren’t primarily motivated by the compensation they receive. A brand ambassador loves your company’s product or service so much that they are willing to promote it for free, although they do usually get something in return for creating word of mouth (e.g., commissions or freebies). They also commit to promoting your brand consistently over time, instead of just for one short campaign like influencers do.

    Wrapping up

    A brand ambassador is a person who represents a brand and is responsible for promoting it. A brand ambassador job description should include all the skills and experience needed to perform this role, in addition to outlining any qualifications or requirements that might be relevant. This can help potential candidates decide if they’re qualified for the position before applying, and let candidates know what they’re signing up for. 

    Referral Rock can help you build a brand ambassador program that effectively markets your company and attracts qualified candidates. Request a demo today.