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TELL YOUR FRIENDS Share your love for Referral Rock and earn $200 Help your friends grow their business through greater word of mouth. Get a $200 gift card for your first referral who becomes a customer, and then $100 for every customer after that. Plus, we’ll give your friend $200 off their first month too! […]

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Affiliate marketing made easy Affiliate marketing software that keeps you in control A fully customizable portal Referral attribution and lead tracking Updated status on all deals A variety of rewards and payouts Our software makes it easy for companies and affiliates to own the entire experience and see real-time results. Pricing starts at $200 per […]

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REFERRALs that run on autopilot The fastest way to grow your business through customer referrals Our software makes it easy for customers to invite referrals in just a few clicks. Build a referral program that’s customized for your: Brand, voice, and style Sales process (not just for ecommerce) Incentive structures and reward rules Unique workflows […]

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How can we help you? Your referral marketing resource Whether you have questions about rewards, need advice on messaging, or anything in between, we’re here to help. Book a demo with Andy Or get started for free! Referral Rock has made the best customer referral software! It’s super easy to manage and track key […]

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REFERRALs that run on autopilot Get more customer referrals for your business Don’t wait for word of mouth to just happen. A referral program motivates customers to share your business with others. Get $200 off your first month because you were referred by a friend! See results with a proven referral platform A referral program makes […]

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Word of mouth on autopilot So what does powered by Referral Rock mean? So what does powered by Referral Rock mean? Referral Rock helps businesses get more word of mouth through referral and affiliate programs. We give businesses the tools to give their best fans an on-brand sharing experience. No developers required. Learn about Referral […]

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Word of mouth on autopilot A better sharing experience Give a better brand experience for your partners Brand advocates, influencers, and strategic partners are more than just a revenue source. Our solution helps them stay up to date with less manual effort on your side. Don’t join a marketplace where you’re competing with every affiliate […]

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Word of mouth on autopilot A better sharing experience Referral software should be more than just a fancy widget Basic widget programs leave a lot on the table. Our programs get more referrals by keeping customers in the loop and attracted with more creative rewards. Your business and needs are unique. Get referral software that […]

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Word of mouth on autopilot Give your word of mouth a kick start Give your word of mouth a kick start You’ve earned the trust of your customers. Now help them talk about you more often, to more of their friends! Schedule a demo Get a free trial What does your word of mouth look […]

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Best alternative to Ambassador Referral and Affiliate software that will be here for you We’re in it for the long haul: 5 years old and profitable Trusted by 1000+ businesses Long term vision aligned with your needs   Personalized service to help you: Setup your campaigns Migrate your ambassadors Free migration guide Join many of […]