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Scale your marketing channels with a partner program

Grow your market reach and get more customers with an engaging partner program.


1,000+ companies trust Referral Rock to grow their word of mouth

You could be getting more customers, but don't know where to start

You run a great business. But how do you get in front of more people?


Fill the missing gap in your marketing

You already get some word of mouth, but it's inconsistent. Partners will help drive continuous leads to your business. Uncover your missing marketing channel.


In-house partner programs are messy

You have to handle referral tracking, promotion, communication, integrations, reward fulfillment, fraud protection, and much more. Don't do it alone.

Companies like yours are growing faster with Referral Rock

Scale your marketing channels with an automated partner program

15+ customers

every month

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4,500 referrals

in the first 6 months

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10x ROI

in the first 6 months

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4-5 customers

per day to their site

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10x ROI

in the first 6 months

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30 new sales

every month

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150+ sales

in under 4 months

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4-5 customers

per day to their site

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Start building your partner channels

Schedule a live session to review your business and brainstorm ideas to get more customers

Get more customers with a partner program built for your business

Get the leads you’re missing without a lot of admin work

Enable and incentivize your partners to sell more

  • Attract partners with flexible rewards – recurring, commissions, tiers, and more
  • Allow partners to see real-time stats and earnings, and add referrals directly from their portal
  • Create unique links and content partners can share across multiple channels

Integrate your existing systems and automate payouts

  • Track and captures leads entering your sales funnel
  • Update deals from your CRM or system of record
  • Pay cash-based rewards automatically – ACH, PayPal, Visa Prepaid, or API-based

Track and manage impact as you scale

  • Measure ROI with real-time reporting¬†
  • Communicate with your partners at scale
  • Optimize your program to grow faster
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25+ integrations to easily connect your tools and teams

How a partner program can scale your growth

What sets us apart from other partner program tools

message gets heard

Referral direct add

Allow partners to submit contacts directly so they can claim their referrals

unified referral platform

Multiple incentive structures

Recurring rewards, tiers, time-based offers, and incentives that get attention

multiple promotions

Works with your backend systems

Automatically update referrals and deals from CRM integrations

full referral portal

Complete custom portal

Personalized portal with everything your partners need in one place

instant integrations

Referral attribution and activity tracking

Give your partners visibility on their stats and earnings

expert support

Detailed reporting across all your partners

See referrals, brand visits, and activity in a single location

Grow faster with a partner program

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