Customer Success Story: Catapult

A customer story on Catapult. Their referral program journey and how they made it all happen.

Updated November 2, 2018


Sales Process: Recruiting/Application (multi-step) – Applications Replaced: Spreadsheets

Industry: Temporary Staffing – URL: 

Catapult is a leading on-demand staffing company. They provide people with flexible work in hospitality and retail. By giving people the power to set their own hours and choose when and where they work. Catapult lets people balance part-time and full-time hours with their lifestyle. 

“Referral Rock has allowed us to automate our entire referral process. Now that it is set up and optimized, it just runs in the background.”  

Yas Desai, Business Development Manager

Referral Journey


  • Catapult is data-driven. Focusing on testing and optimization. They needed an automated solution for scaling their referral marketing program.
  • They knew that referral marketing works from manual testing… But was messy and difficult. They needed a system that was easy to manage.
  • They needed to integrate with Catapult’s systems. Along with the current application/staffing workflow.


  • Catapult replaced their manual spreadsheets with an automated referral program.
  • They integrated their referral program with MailChimp. Along with their own internal application and staffing platform.
  • Catapult incorporated their referral marketing initiatives into their staffing portal. As well as other marketing and drip email channels.


  • They generated over 4,500 referrals in the first 6 months.
  • Increased web traffic by approximately 50,000 sessions.

What’s Next

  • They want to look into using the API to further automate reward distribution.
  • Create a member re-engagement campaign.
  • Continuing to optimize and test the referral program.

Best-in-Class Referral Program


  • Automatically sign up new members through staffing portal. Then add them to a MailChimp Campaign.
  • Send an email campaign consisting of 4-5 emails over a 5-week period once someone signs up. Emails include member’s unique link. And focus on making the sharing very easy (i.e. forward this link to your friends).


  • Unique link through drip email campaign. Focus on making it easy for members to forward or copy and paste their link into different channels/online groups.
  • Referral program and unique link available to share in staffing portal and mobile application.
  • Encourage members to be creative in where/how they share.


  • Clean, personalized landing page. To help encourage new candidates to apply.
  • Redirects candidates to an application form.  Catapult captures and tracks new referrals.
  • Update referral status as soon as candidate works their first shift.
  • Active, personalized language with strong benefit statements.


  • Member gets £20 bonus for every Qualified Referral. For example, when they work a shift.


  • Add Member to MailChimp via Zapier.
  • Referral Status update via Zapier.
  • Portal/App integration for members to share a unique link.

Top Tip:

Put in the effort to test and optimize all components of your referral funnel. Understand how members and referrals flow through your program. Along with where they drop off.


Watch referrals roll in automatically instead of hoping they magically appearFind out how
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