Comprehensive Comparison of Referral Marketing Software

Last update: 1/26/2018

We are constantly doing research on all of the different referral marketing software services out there. So we decided to share a little bit of our knowledge with you. We’ve done the dirty work so that you don’t have to. Take a look at this complete list of referral marketing services, referral tracking apps, and their software.

Referral marketing helps businesses spread the word about their company. It helps increase word of mouth marketing to occur and entices people to become repeat shoppers. Here are some additional reasons referral marketing works so well.

The good news is there are a ton of referral software options out there to help with all your referral marketing needs. There is something out there for every type of business.

To make things a lot easier to digest, let’s break down some terminology. We’ve looked at many different refer a friend software services and found that even though there is a lot of overlapping features, not all are made the same. As you’ll see on the table below, each software has a variety of different items or features that it can be categorized by.

CompanyThis one is obvious. The company is the one who is providing the referral software to you.
Free TrialNot all software comes with a free trial. These will be tagged with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If the software does offer a free trial it will be marked with a ‘yes’ and the length of the trial will be mentioned in the description of the company.
PricingNot everyone has their pricing listed. But, for those who do – this information will be added. Some may be a flat rate, while others show a range of prices based on different plans offered.
CommitmentThis refers to how long you’ll have to pay for the service. Some have a low contract like a month to month billing cycle, while others require you to pay annually. Obviously, month to month contracts mean you have the freedom to quit when it’s convenient for you.  Note: most month to month commitments also offer the option to pay for multiple months (this could reduce the cost per month), you just have to ask.
Customer ServiceThis section will allow you to see what type of customer service is available. Whether it be in-app chat, a dedicated customer success manager, or if customer service is only offered with certain plan options.
Target Fit

You may think a refer a friend software is pretty cut and dry. That’s not always the case. Some work exclusively with one type of business over the others. Even if they aren’t exclusive to a specific type, it can be obvious which type of businesses will fit well with their platform. Here are a few examples of each type…

  • Local Services – roofing companies, realtors, tree removal services, pet grooming, spas
  • eCommerce – online clothing stores, subscriptions
  • SaaS – email service providers, lead generation apps, in-app chat providers
  • B2B – social media management, CRM, file sharing, customer success platforms
  • Small Business – retail, coffee shop, plumbers, personal training
  • Enterprises – big chain grocery stores, department stores, big brand car dealerships
  • B2C – accounting firm, electronics retailer, retailers

note: some businesses do cross over into multiple types.

Below you will find a chart of all the referral marketing companies we have done research on. If you want to view more information you can take a peek at the chart or you can simply click on the company name.

Well, here it is, the list of popular referral marketing software with notes on their primary use case, pricing and our take on the service.  Whether you’re wanting a SaaS referral program, eCommerce program or whatever else, there is a referral software out there for you. Go ahead and see what each one can do for you.

CompanyFree TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
Referral RockYes$200-$800MonthlyDedicated Success Manager, In-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email SupportLocal Services, eCommerce, SaaS, B2B
AddShoppersNoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChateCommerce
AdvocatelyYesNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChatB2B, SaaS
AmbassadorNo$800+Billed AnnuallyKnowledge Base, Email SupportB2B, Local Services
AmplifinityNoNot ListedNot ListedDedicated Success ManagerB2B
CampaignedYes$25-$30Monthly or AnnuallyIn-App Chat, Email SupportLocal Services, eCommerce
Expect ReferralsYes$25-$75MonthlyEmail SupportLocal Services, eCommerce
ExtoleNoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChateCommerce, Enterprise, SaaS
Forwards AppYes5 cent per $1 madePay for Generated SalesEmail SupporteCommerce
FriendBuyYes$99-$249MonthlyDedicated Success Manager (certain plans), Knowledge Base, Email SupportSaaS, eCommerce
Genius ReferralYes$0-$499MonthlyKnowledge Base, Email SupportLocal Service, Small Businesses
Hello ReferralsYes$25-$75MonthlyEmail SupportSmall Businesses
IncentivefoxNoNot ListedNot ListedEmail Support, In-App ChatLocal Service, Small Businesses, B2C
InfluitiveNoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email Support
Invite ReferralsYes$79-$399Billed AnnuallyIn-App Chat, Dedicated Success Manger (certain plans), Email SupportSaaS, eCommerce
InviteboxYes$29-$199MonthlyEmail SupportSmall Businesses, eCommerce, SaaS
Lead DynoYes$49-$79MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email Support, Phone SupportB2C, eCommerce
Mention MeNoNot listedNot ListedIn-App Chat, Email Support
OmniStarYes$47-$247MonthlyPhone Support, In-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce
Post Affiliate ProYes$97-$477MonthlyEmail Support, In-App Chat, Knowledge BaseB2B , eCommerce
Referral CandyYes$49-$3999Monthly/AnnuallyKnowledge Base, Email SupporteCommerce
Referral SaaSquatchNo$499-$799MonthlyIn-App Chat, Knowledge BaseSaaS, eCommerce
RewardStreamNo$400-$2500MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce, SaaS
Rocket ReferralsYes$80-$150MonthlyIn-App ChatLocal Services, eCommerce
ShareSomeFriendsYes$25-$99MonthlyEmail Support, Phone Support (certain plans)Local Services, B2C
Social SeederYes$560-$1350MonthlyIn-App ChateCommerce, B2B, SaaS
TalkableNoNot ListedNot ListedEmail SupporteCommerce
Tap AffiliateYes$69-$499MonthlyKnowledge BaseSaaS, eCommerce
UntorchYes$199 flat feeBilled AnnuallyKnowledge BaseeCommerce
Viral-LoopsYes$39-$199MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce

More on the referral marketing software

Referral Rock Software

“Online referral marketing software that works for any business. Unlock hidden referrals by making it easy for your customer and partners to refer you”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$200-$800MonthlyDedicated Success Manager,
In-App Chat,
Knowledge Base,
Email Support
Local Services, eCommerce, SaaS, B2B

About Product:

Referral Rock provides online referral marketing automation software to help any business get more customers using the power of their own network.  Online and offline businesses can design incentive-based programs, enroll existing customers and partners, capture the new leads and sales, then issue rewards automatically.   

Referral Rock software automates every step of the process so a business can scale and consistently measure the success of referral marketing programs. This software has the flexibility to be used for customer referrals, employee referrals, partner and affiliate referrals.

Our Take:

Disclaimer (it’s us)… So we think it’s pretty great.


“Recover lost customers and revenue by activating our omnichannel campaigns powered by machine learning and expert marketers”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChateCommerce

About Product: 

Quickly launch on-site campaigns without IT involvement. This referral platform has a lot of widgets and features with their software, so if you need something out of the box it’s worth checking Addshoppers out.

Our Take:

They are more of a social sharing platform for running campaigns.


“Unlock the potential of your customers. Mobilize your happy customers to generate more leads”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
YesNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChatB2B, SaaS

About Product: 

Advocately does a little bit of everything. The main goal at Advocately is to help businesses build better relationships with customers. They do this by providing  NPS, reviews, and customer advocacy programs, to businesses so they are able to grow.

Our Take:

These guys hit on a little bit of everything, so it may be worth checking out their pricing.


“Meet the world’s #1
all-in-one referral software”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
No$800+Billed AnnuallyKnowledge Base, Email SupportB2B, Local Services

About Product:

Ambassador’s technology enables companies to run referral, affiliate, partner, influencer, and advocate programs on a single platform. “Whether you intend to implement a referral, affiliate, or influencer marketing program, our automated end-to-end platform can handle the curveballs that advocates throw your way.”

Our Take: 

They place a ton of emphasis on being made especially for marketers. They’ve been around for awhile, so you may want to see what they can offer.


“Referral software to grow revenue from partners and customers”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedDedicated Success ManagerB2B

About Product:

They offer two different options in their software. The Base Referral Software and the Pro Referral Software which includes more automation functions.  Amplifinity provides marketers with the ability to create an outbound marketing program that leads to inbound marketing results.

Our Take:

They handle a lot of enterprise type businesses. So, if that’s you it’s definitely worth checking out.


“Increase Sales &
Customer Loyalty”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$25-$30Monthly/AnnuallyIn-App Chat, Email SupportLocal Services, eCommerce

About Product:

Campaigned is perfect for small and medium-size companies and marketing agencies. Campaigned makes it easy to set up and run a campaign, launch the campaign within minutes. This software lets you set the exact start and end dates for your campaign.

Our Take:

Seems like a simple pretty easy to use. Seems like there are some options for customization.

Expect Referrals

“Why buy a referral marketing solution from a software company? Expect Referrals, made by Marketers”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$25-$75MonthlyEmail SupportLocal Services, eCommerce

About Product:

 Expect Referrals is a digital word of mouth marketing platform. They use email and social referrals to help create your automated referral program. They offer multiple design and widget layout options. Expect Referrals offers users referral tools that are optimized for mobile users across social channels.

Our Take:

They have the basics covered. They do not offer automated incentive fulfillment, though.


“The leading enterprise
advocacy platform”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App ChateCommerce, Enterprise, SaaS

About Product:

With Extole you can deliver and optimize a sharing experience tailored to your brand. Their advocacy platform integrates the Lead Generation solution across all devices and channels. Marketers create an acquisition channel by encouraging their customers to refer new customers on site, in-app, and offline.

Our Take:

They work with some well-known brands.  Expect a very hefty price tag with a completely custom solution.


“You are 4X more likely to
buy when referred by a friend”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
The first $200 free5 cent per $1 madePay for SaleEmail SupporteCommerce

About Product:

ForewardsApp allows you to create a targeted customer referral program for your online store without the hassle of creating copywriting or learning how to do A/B testing. Forewards help you grow your business by automatically asking every customer to tell their friends about you. ForewardsApp makes it easy for small business owners to improve their online marketing by embracing the power of customer referrals.

Our Take:

ForewardsApp puts emphasis on helping eCommerce stores.


“Create a customer referral program today. Referral tracking and campaign optimization”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
30-day free trial$99-$249MonthlyDedicated Success Manager (certain plans), Knowledge Base, Email SupportSaaS, eCommerce

About Product:

Friendbuy helps marketers optimize social sharing campaigns. Friendbuy replaces basic sharing buttons with assets that are highly engaging and fully customized to reflect a brand’s look and feel. You can create a refer a friend program in hours, not weeks.

Our Take:

Friendbuy is another one of the vets alongside Ambassador.

Genius Referrals

“Choose and customize your full widget, POS or share links templates in our design center”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
Free Plan$0-$499MonthlyKnowledge Base, Email SupportLocal Service, Small Businesses

About Product:

Genius Referrals is a Referral Marketing Platform that helps businesses acquire new customers using word of mouth techniques. You can personalize the perfect template for your referral program in less than 10 minutes. Use code snippets, API or SDKs to integrate your program with your business.

Our Take: 

They aren’t too specific about what types of business they are aimed at. The software looks straightforward, though.

Hello Referrals

“Referral tracking software
for businesses and networks”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
30-day free trial$25-$75MonthlyEmail SupportSmall Businesses

About Product:

Hello Referrals simplifies the management of your referrals and sales leads in a well-designed piece of software.  It provides the right tools to organize your trusted partners in business.

Our Take: 

They lack some of the bells and whistles but could be good if you’re looking for a simple setup.


“Digital Incentive
Marketing Platform”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedEmail Support, In-App ChatLocal Service, Small Businesses, B2C

About Product:

Incentivefox makes it easy for local businesses to get referrals, engage with customers and improve employee retention, which all drives more revenue. They provide a step-by-step guide to help businesses choose the best incentives to help motivate referrals to occur and decide the best way to reach new engagement efforts.

Our Take:

Seems like they do a combination of things to help deliver a good solution to customers.


“The voice of your customers is so much more powerful than your marketing”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App Chat, Knowledge Base, Email SupportB2B

About Product:

AdvocateHub by Influitive motivates advocates to share content, reviews, and testimonials to help increase engagement and traffic for your brand. Advocates complete challenges, to earn points, badges, and go up levels so that they can redeem different perks.

Our Take: 

Looks very well made. Clean UI and lots of well-respected customers. Their UI is gamified as the goal is to have advocates complete challenges to earn points.


“Best referral marketing software for mobile application, social,  and website”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
15-day free trial$79-$399Billed AnnuallyIn-App Chat, Dedicated Success Manager (certain plans), Email SupportSaaS, eCommerce

About Product:

InviteReferrals is easy referral marketing software that helps design and launch customer referral programs. InviteReferrals software tracks at every step of the program, from shares to clicks to conversions. Run giveaway campaigns, contests and referral programs.

Our Take:

Free to try. Plus they say no HTML coding is required, and they can do a program in any language.


“Reach new customers today,
with a social referral program”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$29-$199MonthlyEmail SupportSmall Businesses, eCommerce, SaaS

About Product:

Design and launch a referral program for your online business in minutes. InviteBox aims towards helping all types of businesses and has a variety of customers. InviteBox makes it easy to create many different types of referral programs.

Our Take: 

Their pricing starts at a very low price, which helps startups and businesses who are bootstrapped.

Lead Dyno

“Really easy affiliate
& influencer marketing”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$49-$79MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email Support, Phone SupportB2C, eCommerce

About Product:

Affiliate software that includes automated welcome emails, affiliate dashboards, and quick affiliate commissions payment. With one click sharing, your affiliates can easily share with their social media contacts. Affiliates can track their own progress in real-time on their personal dashboard. You provide them with their link to their dashboard that way they can keep up with their referrals.

Our Take: 

They throw a lot at you on their website, so sifting through the information could be challenging.

Mention Me

“Supercharge your customer growth with referral marketing through Mention Me”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedIn-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce

About Product: 

Mention Me is a plug and play refer a friend platform. They offer a quick solution so businesses can have their referral program up and running fast. They offer built-in AB testing so a business can create a well-performing program.

Our Take:

They seem like a good start for business looking to explore word of mouth and referral marketing.


“Easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-growing businesses”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
15-day free trial$47-$247MonthlyPhone Support, In-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce

About Product:

OmniStar allows you to easily create and manage an affiliate program for your business. Once integrated, customers can start to refer your business to their family and friends. OmniStat helps you drive more sales with their built-in marketing tools.

Our Take: 

OmniStar has a great list of features and integrations.

Post Affiliate Pro

“Sit back and watch your revenue
grow with affiliate marketing”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$97-$477MonthlyEmail Support, In-App Chat, Knowledge BaseB2B, eCommerce

About Product:

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software that helps you create and boost your affiliate program. It is easy to use and easy to follow along with your referrals and sales. It’s a unique affiliate tracking software with hundreds of features.

Our Take:

Overall the software seems to be user-friendly, and they have quite a few features.


“Give any eCommerce store
a referral program”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
30-day free trial$49-$3999Monthly/AnnuallyKnowledge Base, Email SupporteCommerce

About Product:

ReferralCandy is a customer referral program web application for online stores to boost sales. ReferralCandy is an eCommerce plugin that helps with word of mouth sales. Set up your program and customize your rewards without getting developers involved.

Our Take:

They do have quite a few features, and they put an emphasis on catering to eCommerce stores. Their price structure is also very interesting you end up paying either the flat monthly fee or a percentage of the referral sales (you pay whichever ends up being the higher price).

Referral SaaSquatch

“For a bigger
customer footprint”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
No$499-$799MonthlyIn-App Chat, Knowledge BaseSaaS, eCommerce

About Product:

Referral SaaSquatch is a trusted referral marketing partner for the Fortune 500 and is built primarily for SaaS companies. With Referral SaaSquatch you can design and integrate referral program touchpoints to fit across all of your marketing channels.

Our Take:

They seem to have fewer third-party integrations that some of the other referral marketing software options. They do however offer a 30-day trial as compared to the typical 14-day trials of other software available.


“Referral programs that get
results for businesses of any size”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
No$400-$2500MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email SupportSaaS, eCommerce

About Product:

RewardStream hosts referral programs for businesses.  It uses a business’s existing online presence to encourage customers to refer their friends via channels like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc.  It’s a social recommendation engine that keeps running for your business.

Our Take: 

It seems like they have done a recent update on their website and services. They seem to be growing, so they must be doing something right.

Rocket Referrals

“We grow your business through building loyal customer relationships”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
Yes$80-$150MonthlyIn-App ChatLocal Services, eCommerce

About Product:

Rocket Referrals works with insurance agencies to automate referrals, retention, and online reviews. Make your clients smile and build strong personal relationships by sending them personalized handwritten cards. You can increase retention through personalized and automated touch points.

Our Take:

They send handwritten cards for you to your most loyal customers, so they seem to have a knack for adding a personal touch. They have a focus on being a completely automated system. The majority of their customer base are insurance groups or agents.


“The ShareSomeFriends app provides a quick & easy way for customers to refer friends to your business directly from their phone!”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
30-day free trial$25-$99MonthlyEmail Support, Phone Support (certain plans)Local Services, B2C

About Product:

ShareSomeFriends lets businesses create a hassle-free and mobile-friendly referral process. It helps encourages customers to share the business with their friends and family. Brands can use it to build a network of brand ambassadors that promote special offers and lead to repeat business. The mobile app makes it easy to simply word of mouth.

Our Take:

For being an all mobile app, they seem to have it together. A business can have their program up and running quickly.

Social Seeder

“Release the power
of your ambassadors”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
Yes$560-$1350MonthlyIn-App ChateCommerce, B2B, SaaS

About Product:

Social Seeder is a tool that helps increase word of mouth for a business. It’s an all-in-one ambassador solution that makes it easy for ambassadors to spread the word across their social networks. Brands recruit, activate, engage, and are then able to harvest the fruits of their labor.

Our Take: 

There is a fine line between ambassador and referral marketing going on with this software. Either way, it seems to be an easy to use app.


“Talkable helps eCommerce companies acquire new customers and increase sales”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
NoNot ListedNot ListedEmail SupporteCommerce

About Product:

Talkable offers a referral marketing platform for marketers to generate new customers and increase sales. The platform is completely flexible in terms of who the campaign targets, how it looks, who is rewarded, and how they are rewarded. Talkable has a one-click installation with Shopify and Magento.

Our Take:

They seem to have a few nice templates to use and the software seems relatively easy to use. They have a focus on eCommerce stores.


“Affiliate tracking software
for E-commerce and SaaS”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$69-$499MonthlyKnowledge BaseSaaS, eCommerce

About Product:

Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs. You can create an affiliate program in as little as 5 minutes, then you can just sit back and watch as your affiliates promote you. The software also allows you to customize the reward structure for your affiliates.

Our Take:

They have a lot of custom options but offer limited tracking events per month.


“A fully automated referral software
program for email signups”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
Yes$199 flat feeBilled AnnuallyKnowledge BaseeCommerce

About Product:

Create a reward for those who share, copy and paste the widget into your site, then watch as Untorch handles the rest. Untorch will follow up with users via emails, to notify them each time someone signs up with their link. There are no monthly fees, you pay one flat fee that will cover you for a full year.

Our Take:

Worth checking out if you want a landing page to help with your customer referral program. Their pricing is also unique, it’s a 1-time flat fee per year.

Viral Loops

referral marketing software by Viral Loops

“Referrals made easy
for everyone”

Free TrialPricingCommitmentCustomer ServiceTarget Fit
14-day free trial$39-$199MonthlyIn-App Chat, Email SupporteCommerce

About Product:

The all-in-one viral marketing platform to launch your referral programs, sweepstakes, competitions and pre-launch campaigns. Select the referral template that suits your business and your needs. We’ve created a bunch of templates, inspired by the success of great companies. All you have to do is change the text to match with your campaign type and your context.

Our Take:

Their templates are based on companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, and MailChimp. You plug in your info and then it’s set up doesn’t seem like it offers that much customization.

Let Referral Marketing Software Help You

We love referral software as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t missed a few… If you know of any good referral companies, let us know!