An Ambassador alternative That gets you more referrals

Looking for an Ambassador alternative that gets more referralsprovides ROI faster, and offers better value? Our detailed comparison shows why Referral Rock is the better option.

Referral Rock makes it easy to launch, integrate, and scale your word of mouth marketing programs. Run successful referral, partner, affiliate, influencer, and employee programs under one platform.  Our fair and transparent pricing allows you to quickly test and ensure you’re running an effective marketing channel.  

Everything you need to implement successful marketing programs with best in class support from your dedicated customer success manager.  

Ambassador vs Referral Rock Comparison

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PricingStarts at $200/mo.Starts at $1,000/mo.
Monthly Contracts
Free Trial
Customer Success ManagerAll Plans???
Ease of ImplementationLaunch in Days
to Weeks
Visual Builder
Advocate Portal
Refer-a-Friend Widget
Landing Page Builder
Email Campaigns
Email Automation
Custom Branding
Advanced Reward Rules
Automated Reward Fulfillment
Custom Reporting and Analytics
Run multiple Programs/ Campaigns
Fraud Protection

Why marketers see Referral Rock as the smart Ambassador Alternative

Referral Rock was built for the smart marketer. We give you all the tools and resources to quickly launch your word of mouth referral programs. With all our built-in automations you can just sit back and watch the referrals roll in.

Our flexible pricing options and dedicated customer success managers make it easy to test and run experiments with minimal risk. 

Unlike Ambassador, we don’t force you into large upfront contracts. Instead, our goal is to help you run an initial pilot to prove value and then help you scale and optimize your programs so they run on autopilot. 

Ultimately, marketers looking for an Ambassador alternative pick us for three main reasons:

Get More Referrals ​

Features that increase your referrals, not bells and whistles.

Faster ROI ​

Launch faster to prove out value and start generating ROI.

Same Features.
Better Pricing.​

Equivalent features with flexible pricing and payment terms.

Get More Referrals

Referral Rock has a singular focus on helping you get more referrals.  In our experience helping hundreds of companies run thousands of programs, we’ve learned that the biggest indicator of success is providing a great advocate experience.  

Your advocates are the backbone of any word of mouth program you run. It is critical that they have a wonderful experience or nothing else you do will matter. Referral Rock puts the advocate experience at the heart of everything we do. 

There are three components for creating a great advocate experience.

Promotion to get more advocates

Without advocates, your word of mouth program will never get off the ground. Therefore, it’s critical that you make it easy for them to learn and enroll in your program. 

Advocate promotion must go beyond an initial email blast. Instead it must be a part of a recurring system that continuously invites existing and future advocates to participate. 

It must run on autopilot and be built into your existing customer experiences. This makes it easy for you to manage and allows the program to run in the background, constantly enrolling and engaging new advocates. 

Referral Rock enables you to promote your program through several unique features:

Engagement to get your advocates excited

Once your advocates learn about your program, you need to get them excited so they can start spreading the word. You want to make it easy for them to share, track their progress, and get rewarded. 

Referral Rock helps you provide an easy, fun, and engaging experience so your advocates will continue to share and spread the word on your company. 

Follow up to bring your advocates back

Word of mouth marketing shouldn’t be a one-off process. It should be an ongoing channel and source of new referrals. 

Effective follow up reminds your advocates of your program and encourages them to keep sharing. This ongoing process is key to creating a sustainable and scalable marketing channel. 

Referral Rock gives you to tools to effectively follow up with your advocates without bombarding them with excess emails. 

Faster ROI

Referral Rock is the best Ambassador alternative that works out of the box. Launch in days without requiring any development resources or external integrations. Continue to test and optimize your program while generating ROI.

Use our Visual Builder to create and customize your entire program, no coding required:

  • Advocate Portal
  • Share Widgets
  • Referral Landing Page (we’ll handle conversion)
  • Email Campaigns and Notifications
  • Rewards

Our built-in management tools make it easy to run your programs:

  • Advanced reporting
  • Reward fulfillment
  • Bulk editing and approvals
  • Fraud management
  • Admin notifications.

Sit back and watch your programs run on autopilot. We’ll keep things running and notify you when you need to take action.

Leverage the expertise of your dedicated customer success manager to launch faster and implement best practices. They’re your expert resource for all things referral marketing. From setup and launch to ongoing strategic sessions, they will support you throughout your referral marketing journey.

Same Features. Better Pricing.

Ambassador and Referral Rock offer similar features and functionality but Ambassador forces you into long-term, upfront contracts. We give you a number of flexible pricing and payment options to pick what works best for you. 


Breakdown of key features:

You’re in good company with 500+ customers running over 1,000 programs with raving reviews

Clear Vision for the Future

Referral Rock is led by the founder and original team. We have a clear vision for the future of word of mouth marketing and are rapidly innovating to help companies create predictable word of mouth marketing channels. We’re quickly pushing the boundaries beyond the standard referral and affiliate marketing software. Our future is exciting and our team is dedicated to your success and growing the industry. 

We cannot speak for Ambassador but know that the founder has stepped down and that they were acquired by a private equity company, Intrado, in Oct. 2018. Intrado is a software conglomerate with many different businesses scattered across digital media, workforce management, life and safety, and health and wellness. It is unclear how Ambassador fits with these other business areas and where their priorities will be in the future.  

An Ambassador Alternative for the Smarter Marketer

Everything you need to run effective referral, partner, affiliate, and influencer programs, without wasting time or money guessing if it’s going to work for you.