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Mission: Help businesses unlock all the word of mouth they are missing out on

Our Story

Referral Rock started to help businesses leverage their most powerful and underutilized asset, their happy customers.  

Everyone knows how powerful word of mouth marketing can be for their business. Often times it is the key difference between a struggling business and a thriving one. The biggest problem is these types of referrals are unpredictable and difficult to track.

Focusing on marketers, we help make word of mouth a channel for growth with our referral marketing platform. Our software takes a business’s existing relationships and turns them into predictable sources of new customers. With built-in integrations, workflow automation, and reward fulfillment we’ve put referral marketing on autopilot. This helps marketers rely on word of mouth as a channel instead of just waiting for them to happen.

To see a “behind the scenes” look at our business and how we got started, check out the “our story” section of our blog.


Referral Rock is a privately held business founded in 2014 and headquartered in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.


We are a people-first and data-driven organization that strives to treat people how they want to be treated.


Our vision is that businesses nurture all their valuable relationships (not just ones driving towards a sale) and make word of mouth a marketing channel for growth.

Leadership Team


Joshua Ho​


A serial entrepreneur with a track record for building scalable systems for some of the world’s largest companies.  He is an engineer and software architect by trade with a true passion for solving real-world business problems. He’s dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible, both in and out of the product. Josh firmly believes the best customer experience wins.

Outside of Referral Rock, Joshua is a competitive handball player who also enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

Mica Longanecker​

Head of Sales & Customer Success

A sales and business development professional with 10+ years of experience leading technology and consulting companies who is excited about process and efficiency improvements. Mica is committed to providing value through a consultative approach throughout the entire customer journey. 

When not Referral Rocking, you can find Mica enjoying a good meal, traveling, biking, or spending time outside.

Meghan (Calak) McEnry

Manager, Customer Success Team

A customer success professional focused on making customers successful. She started her career in sales but quickly realized that forming relationships with her customers is where she truly excels. Next to a great product, Meghan believes that quality service drives brand loyalty and brings this mentality to every customer interaction. She loves rolling up her sleeves and diving into the logistical and strategic issues. 

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and their English Springer Spaniel, Louie.

Mark Koskinen

Technical Lead

A technical lead providing technical expertise, streamlining development, and maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure. He has a long history in enterprise software development, software design & architecture, team leadership, and project management.  He holds a computer science degree from James Madison University and an M.B.A. from George Mason University. 

Outside of Referral Rock, Mark enjoys learning new technologies, outdoor activities, and traveling to new cities.

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Team Mascot

Ampy is our team mascot.  He represents “word of mouth as a channel” and believes word of mouth can be influenced through modern marketing best practices.  He believes automation while keeping the end user in mind is important in marketing.

He is often thought of as a cousin of “Clippy” but that is incorrect.  Although he strongly believes there is nothing wrong with that.  Outside of work, Ampy dreams of one day being in a rock band.

Christian Morris

Sales Manager

Christian is a sales guy who believes in helping prospective customers find the best solution for them. He gets excited about guiding customers along their buyer journey and providing valuable insights along the way. Before Referral Rock, Christian held various sales and marketing positions in politics, healthcare, and advertising. He has an MBA from the University of Maryland. 

Outside of Referral Rock, he enjoys playing various sports, meditation, and, more recently, photography. 

“This is exactly what I've been looking for and I feel like I'm on a first-name basis with the team behind it. Customer service is quick, specific, and thorough. My work depends heavily on referrals and Referral Rock rocks!”
Robert M
Customer Review
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