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Say goodbye to short-sighted referral programs

Referral Program Software Done Right

Run end-to-end referral programs with frictionless sharing, nudge reminders, & rewards customers actually care about. 

More referrals from your brand fans on autopilot — without the pain of building a great referral experience yourself.

Built 🧰 for service-based SMBs, e-commerce, B2B, & tech businesses.
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Referral Rock Referral Software

Join 1,000+ companies AUTOMATING CUSTOMER ACQUISITION with REFERRAL program software

Turn happy customers into powerful referral sources

83% of customers are willing to refer after a positive buying experience — yet only 29% actually do 😞

Word of Mouth with Referral Rock

Say goodbye to short-sighted referral tools

Provide high-engagement referral experiences to get more referrals, more often. 📈

Dedicated Referral Website Portal

Make it easy for fans to share and stay engaged

A dedicated referral website portal keeps your best sharers in the loop so they share more often.

Embed personalized links across email campaigns, checkout pages, and in-app experiences — no passwords needed!

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Member dashboard
Automated referral payments

Advanced reward management

Design rewards & incentives that brand fans actually care about

Go beyond “give one, get one” programs and create incentive programs that make an impact:

  • 50+ built-in automated reward payouts
  • Rewards on multiple buyer stages (not just an e-commerce checkout)
  • Workflows for reward controls & referral tracking management

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Launch an effective program faster (with help!)

Skip the guesswork of launching the perfect referral program for your business.

Work with our experts to design the best reward structures, promotion strategies, and technical assistance with integrations. 

(Personalized onboarding included with every plan)

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Concierge onboarding services


Start a referral program that fits your audience

Run referral programs — or incentivize with gift cards no matter who your program participants are.

Customer Referral Programs

Refer-a-friend programs to get your customers to share with their friends.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Start programs for any type of brand fan (e.g. customers, partners, employees, influencers). 

Brand ambassador programs

Partner and Affiliate Programs

Portals for strategic partners to share with their network of potential customers. 

Referral tracking software to integrate with your systems

Automate your workflows (not required) on a referral platform that gets new customers on autopilot. A refer a friend platform that really gets how referral marketing apps work, is worth the investment.

Invest in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns

Referral platforms aren’t just another marketing tool. Whether you’re a small business or a SaaS company, a tech-enabled referral program generates more consistent word-of-mouth business.

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“It’s already given us a 10x ROI. It’s so easy to use and requires minimal effort to run. We set it and forget it.”

John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing Ecommerce

“We've automated our entire referral process — now that it's set up, it just runs in the background!”

Yas Desai, Business Development Manager
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"This referral software has been able to do everything I've wanted. Every time I had a question, they figured out a solution."

Emily Jarrett, Senior Manager Digital Campaigns

“We knew your customer success team would get us set up, but we've been blown away...the entire process was so simple.”

Chelsey Benzel, Marketing Manager
B2B SaaS


Not sure which plan is for you? 

Our consultative reps will help you understand which plans fit your business. We’ll discuss:

What is a referral program?

Referral programs are used to segment and customize how you engage your different audiences. Oftentimes, you’ll want to run multiple programs with different promotions, rewards, messaging, and more.

Word of mouth will still happen organically, but overall by having a formal program will allow you to benefit from all the brand affinity you’ve earned. Programs help you stay top of mind for longer and help you get referrals from all kinds of people.

Organic non-paid referrals share because they are motivated to share to do good for a friend and your business (altruism), but not everyone is motivated the same way. A formal program helps you cover other motivations for people to share and you can design your incentives to align with those motivations.

And of course referral marketing software can automate word of mouth.

Referrals are your new leads and customers. They are the friends and colleagues who your members referred to your business.

Largely affiliate programs are open to anyone that wants to refer your business, while referral programs are usually customers.

Another major difference is the incentive structures where affiliate programs are typically cash based while referral programs can have a larger variety of incentives like discounts, swag, and donations.

We have a great article here on referrals vs affiliates if you want to ready more.

Need to kick the tires?

Play around with our software yourself and learn what makes us the best fit for your referral program.