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How many referrals have you missed today?

Your customers, affiliates, and partners want to refer you.  Make it easy for them.

Unlock new referrals with referral program software that helps you remove roadblocks that stop people from referring you.

Make word of mouth happen instead of hoping and waiting.

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1000+ customers using our referral marketing software can't be wrong

Join our successful customers using word of mouth to level up their customer acquisition with referral marketing done right!

"A great turnkey referral program software that allowed our team to launch our referral campaigns in days instead of months. The team is constantly innovating new features to keep our programs fresh. Their hands-on support is just impossible to beat."
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Alex Furmansky
Founder, Budsies
"Referral Rock has made the best customer referral software! It's super easy to manage and track key analytics from our member referral program in our own website. The user interface is intuitive and has simplified the process for both members and staff."
referral program software testimonial
Jay Brown
Digital Marketing, YMCA of Metro Atlanta

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Referral Marketing Platform

Personalized On-boarding

Learn from our team who has implemented 1000+ referral programs for all kinds of businesses. We'll guide you through the best practices and help you get your referral program off the ground to the word of mouth referral promise land.

Dedicated Success Manager (every plan)

Your dedicated success manager knows your program, your marketing plan, and your goals for your referral program. Talk to the same point of contact that gets it. We believe everyone deserves the highest level of customer support.

Exceptional Support

You just may need a quick chat or question around an integration or help doing something in the product. We're on top of that with our support team and comprehensive knowledge base.

Run the type of referral program that fits with your audience and goals

More referrals and new customers on autopilot

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Easy for customers to join and share

  • Refer a friend widgets
  • Registration pages
  • Signup with Google or Facebook
referral tracking growth

Better engagement and repeat shares

  • Statistics so they can see their impact
  • Notifications of activity
  • Email marketing campaigns to keep up to date with the latest rewards
referral tracking target

Higher conversions through personalization

  • Craft all the sharing images and messages
  • Customize the referral experience with a custom landing page
referral rewards

Rewards that drive repeatable growth

  • Align rewards and incentives so everyone wins
  • Reward structures to for dual sided rewards
  • Control rewards through various stages in the buying cycle
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Smart analytics and Suggestions

  • Over 50 audit rules to make sure you are following best practices
  • Use our team of referral marketing professionals to guide you
referral platform connect

Viral loop with automatic invites

  • Tap into your existing funnel to automatically start the cycle all over again
  • Target your existing customers to bring their friends into the fold
Marketers love referral marketing

Marketers love to control the experience, unlock more referrals, and get faster results.

All while integrating with how they work.

Integrate referral software with your systems and your processes

Referral platform that works with the marketing tools you are already using. Learn more about our integrations and all the systems that seamlessly connect.

Automate the Ask

Ask for referrals through your existing channels with widgets, one-click access links, and iFrames in your website, email newsletters, social media, and others.

Track Referrals

Track and capture referrals from e-commerce purchases, form completions, demos, trials, or subscriptions. Or build your own lead capture form right in our referral tracking software.

Reward Fulfillment

Hundreds of gift card options, direct Paypal payments, and coupons from your system all at your finger tips to send automatically or on a schedule

Zapier and RESTful API

Our developer-friendly API and Zapier integration allows your team to tightly integrate with your service or application. You can also trigger actions in real-time using our many available web hooks.

Stop missing out on the referrals you're leaving on the table