HubSpot Referral Program Integration

Promote your program, capture referrals, and sync your sales process with HubSpot

About Our HubSpot Referral Integration

A full platform of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service

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Compatibility with your HubSpot plan → 

HubSpot role permission for “App Marketplace access”


Data Privacy

You understand that when using this integration, it’s up to you to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the Referral Rock’s Terms of Service and Privacy Information.

Communicate with advocates using HubSpot emails

Control the brand experience and queue ongoing promotion for referral program participants. Add Referral Rock links and direct sharing features into your email campaigns.


Nurture referral leads and trigger workflows

Send attribution data captured in Referral Rock to HubSpot. Leverage synced data with HubSpot workflows by automatically adding new referrals to drip campaigns or creating dashboards to track progress.


Trigger rewards based on changes in HubSpot

Fully automate your referral program from start to finish, without interrupting your CRM users or sales team. Referral Rock will issue rewards based on changes to HubSpot Contacts, Companies, or Deals.


Use program data for reports

All advocate properties will be stored in the contact records inside of HubSpot, which you can then use to build limitless workflows and reports for your top advocates and more.


Sync advocate data to HubSpot contact records

Port your advocate's referral program information (such as their referral URL and program stats) into HubSpot contact records, allowing you to place them into any HubSpot email.


Segment advocates by activity

Once all advocate data is in HubSpot, you can easily filter and segment by specific activity and properties.


Map to your sales process and manage everything in HubSpot

Keep HubSpot and Referral Rock in sync throughout your sales process and manage your entire pipeline and sales cycle from one platform.

hubspot integration map to sales process

"We're using Referral Rock to input referral customers to HubSpot, and then keep track of who we owe rewards to when those referral customers move to closed won. The software has a lot of functionality and flexibility."

Built for B2C and B2B COMPANIES

How our referral software can grow your business​

Get more customers without the extra admin work

Not just a referral widget

A complete portal where you can create and customize a robust referral marketing program

Multiple ways to promote your referral program

Meet customers at the perfect moment on their preferred social media or marketing channel

Align with your existing sales and marketing process

Integrate a referral marketing solution into your systems and workflow (API, SaaS, CRM automations)

Expert customer support at every step

Onboarding specialists and a proven referral process help to boost your customer acquisition

Single referral marketing platform

Bring your most loyal customers and referrals together, all in one place

Launch fast with built-in templates

Landing page builders for programs to personalize the referral experience with no need for integrations

25+ integrations to easily connect your tools and teams