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Our team is here to support you in building, launching, and optimizing your referral and affiliate programs

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Types of Services

Three levels of service to fit your needs at the right time

Product Support

Fastest Response

Chat with our support team to solve any immediate issues. Access a library of easy-to-search educational resources.

All Plans 

concierge onboarding

Concierge Onboarding

60-Day Guided Program

1 on 1 onboarding with an onboarding specialist to design, integrate, launch, and optimize your first program.

Annual Plan or One-time Fee ($800)

rr support customer success

Dedicated Account Manager

Single Point of Contact

Structured check-ins with a dedicated account manager for ongoing improvements.

Established Business or Enterprise Plan


Product Support

Get the fastest response to your requests


  • Paid plan (all customers)

What's included?

product support section

Concierge Onboarding

Work with a specialist to help you plan, integrate, and launch your first program


  • Annual Payment or One-time Onboarding Fee ($800) 
  • Completed Readiness Checklist

What's included?

  • 60-day onboarding for 1 program
  • Onboarding specialist working directly with you
  • Technical integration assistance

Onboarding Phases

Phase 1: Design

  • Project planning 
  • Program structure
  • Best practice recommendations

Phase 2: Connect

  • System Integrations

  • Technical troubleshooting

  • Testing and verification

Phase 3: Launch

  • Final program audit

  • Pre-launch checklist

  • Promotion strategy

Phase 4: Optimize

  • Review launch results

  • Program improvements

  • Automation suggestions

Onboarding FAQs

Your Onboarding Specialist will help you set up one (1) program. If you have access to a Success Manager, they will help you set up multiple programs.

Access is guaranteed during the first sixty (60) calendar days from purchase for accounts that qualify.

You’ll always be supported, but the first point of contact will be done through product support.

If on an Established Business or Enterprise plan, you’ll now be introduced to your Success Manager.

Your Onboarding Specialist may not be readily available depending on the number of assigned accounts going through onboarding.

For more immediate assistance, use our in-app chat.

If you enjoyed working with a dedicated point of contact, consider upgrading to our Established Business plan.

Dedicated Account Manager

Single point of contact who knows your account history


  • Established Business or Enterprise Plan

What's included?

  • Ongoing program audits
  • Structured check-ins
  • Guided onboarding additional programs
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Out of Scope

Referral Rock will advise and provide recommendations on the following items based on your level of support.

No custom work.

Referral Rock offers software + services, but we are not a managed service solution. It is your responsibility to set up, integrate, launch, and manage your own programs. The following items are not included in our service offering:

• Custom development or additional coding

• Custom design, image creation, or copywriting

• Data migration


No account changes.

Referral Rock staff will not make changes to your account or program on your behalf. We can provide assistance, but you will need to implement any changes. For example, we will not:

• Add new users

• Reset passwords

• Change your plan or cancel your account


No communication with unauthorized users.

To protect access to accounts, our team can only assist  register users. All users must be registered within your Referral Rock account with the appropriate roles and permissions assigned by the account admins.

For more information, see our knowledge articles about adding new team members and team roles and permissions.


Cannot access non-Referral Rock systems.

To protect access to your non-Referral Rock systems and data, we are unable to accept access or login credentials to your other third-party systems or passwords. Please do not invite anyone on the customer success or support teams to your external accounts or share any of your passwords.

Our team is happy to help with troubleshooting and can assist with live screen shares, but we cannot access your non-Referral Rock accounts directly.