Want to Write a Guest Post?

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Before you send us your ideas, let’s cover some basics. We are looking for partnerships with other marketing related blogs and content marketers. We know referral software and referral marketing, which is why we’re glad to have partnerships in related fields. With that being said here is what we’re looking for.

Topics We Like:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Relationship Marketing
  3. Customer Marketing
  4. Customer Advocacy
  5. Small Business Tips
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Brand Ambassadors
  8. Marketing Automation
  9. Social Media Marketing

What We Expect:

For a typical blog post, we expect a few things.

  1. Length – at least 1,000 words.
  2. Images – include no attribution required images
  3. Links – no more than 2 self-serving backlinks
  4. Author Bio & Image – include who you are. (You can even include an additional link to your website)

Don’t worry, you don’t need a finished article to submit. We just ask that you have some sort of idea(s). Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you. Remember, we are looking for partnerships, so don’t be surprised if we ask to write for your blog.

Want to contribute to an article instead? Check out our content partner page for upcoming articles.