Be a Contributor to the Referral Rock Blog

Be a Contributor to the Referral Rock Blog

We’re looking for content partners to be contributors to the Referral Rock blog.  We can all benefit from sharing knowledge, distribution, and great writing. 

With over 50k sessions per month as a respectable blog in the marketing community, we love to get opinions and thoughts from experts like you to add to our original content.

The two main ways we look to partner with you on content are through expert round-ups and guest posts.  We do reserve the right to reject any contribution, but we try to be as respectful as possible and not waste anyone’s time.

Expert Round-ups

We publish 3-5 expert round-ups per month.  They are really easy to contribute to and get featured in one of our articles.

Guest posts

Have an idea for a more in-depth piece of content? Head over to out guest post page, and we’ll be in touch if there is a fit. 

Contribute to a Round-Up

  1. Earn a backlink and sourced quote in the article once it goes live
  2. Establish a relationship that can result in future content partnerships down the road
  3. A shout out on our social media channels once the post is published
  4. Be the first to know about future roundups and be a regular contributor
How it works
  1. You submit your valuable input
  2. Once published, we’ll let you know and send you the link to the published article
  3. We’ll tag you on social media if that’s your thing
  1. It’s at our discretion to not include your contribution.
  2. Completely self-serving or promotional responses will not be used.

Please check out the current and upcoming round-ups. To be considered, please fill out the corresponding survey.

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Send us your topic ideas

Let us know what topics you’d be interested in seeing and contributing to in the future. If your suggestion is picked up, we’ll let you know, and perhaps we could work out a ‘featured’ spot on the post for you.