14 Best Affiliate Marketing Software Tools in 2023: Drive Real Results and Track Affiliate ROI

Manage and grow your affiliate programs with the right software tool. We give you a list of the best affiliate marketing software to fit every business need.
Updated on February 14, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Affiliate marketing software helps companies manage and track the success of their affiliate programs. In these programs, a company compensates their affiliates (whether an individual or another company) for sending them new customers via affiliate links.

Today, we provide a comprehensive review of 14 top affiliate marketing software programs. We’ll also break down the key benefits of affiliate software, how to determine whether or not affiliate software is right for you, and help you pick the right software program for your business needs.

What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software lets you create the affiliate links that affiliates place on their content channels, and track all the sales made via these links in real time. It also gives you all the tools you need to manage and communicate with your affiliates, and automates commission payouts and other routine tasks associated with running an affiliate program.

Thanks to affiliate software, you’ll have all the data you need to analyze your affiliate program’s performance, as well as refine your program so you can scale.

Affiliate marketing software is also called an affiliate marketing platform, affiliate program software, or affiliate tracking software.

Our affiliate software evaluation criteria

To help you successfully recruit and manage affiliates, our team has done in-depth research on the leading affiliate software tools. We used the following criteria to evaluate our affiliate program software list:

Evaluation criteria Description
Pricing How much does the affiliate marketing software cost? What different plans are available?
Free trial or demo available Does the company offer a free trial or demo period for you to try out the software before purchase?
Customer service and support How does the company help assist you when using the software? What are the ways you can contact them for questions or issues?
Review score How do existing users of the affiliate software rate the program? Based on an aggregate score from top review sites, our rating is out of 5 stars and indicates how many people reviewed the software.
Notable features What makes this affiliate program software stand out? We’ve broken down the top features of each affiliate marketing tool, including how they handle affiliate tracking and compensation.

Compare the 14 best affiliate marketing platforms

Based on the above criteria, we evaluated 14 of the best affiliate software programs. Please note: The software is not in any particular order of rating or recommendation. Our aim is to put together a complete source of partner relationship management tools, and give you a clear picture of all the available options.

Now, on to our list of affiliate program software.

SoftwarePricing Demo and free trial Customer supportReview score
Referral Rock$200-$800/monthFree trial and demo​​Onboarding specialists, customer success managers, chat support, product and resource guides, support center, webinars4.5 stars (55 reviews)
Post Affiliate Pro$129-$599/month

Free trialLive chat, knowledge base, member portal, email, phone, direct support4.58 stars (645 reviews)
CakeUnknownDemoPhone, ticket support, 24-hour professional support, knowledge base, client success managers4.5 stars (76 reviews)
Kartra$99-$499/monthDemoKnowledge base, Facebook community, support tickets, email, phone 4.33 stars (181 reviews)
Scaleo$239-$999+/monthFree trialEmail, chat, phone4.77 stars (23 reviews)
TUNE$599-$1,500+/monthFree trial and demoLive chat, help site (knowledge base), support ticket submission, email, phone, training courses4.34 stars (175 reviews)
PartnerizeUnknownDemoEmail, account manager, instructional videos, video support, phone, dedicated success manager, resource library, knowledge base, webinars4.46 stars (81 reviews)
CirclewiseBased on performanceN/AHelp center, email, support team4.8 (74 reviews)
Tapfiliate$59-$149+/monthFree trialSupport portal4.48 stars (68 reviews)
Leaddyno$49-$749/monthDemo and free trialLive chat, phone, email
4.29 stars (132 reviews)
AffiliateWP$150-$599/yearN/AKnowledge base, email4.68 stars (95 reviews)
iDevAffiliate$39-$79/month (cloud); one-time fee of $279+ (self-host)DemoLive chat, support center, direct support, video tutorials, phone3.92 stars (10 reviews)
Pepperjam AscendUnknownN/AEmail, phone, resource guides4.2 stars (8 reviews)
PartnerStackUnknownDemoEmail, success manager, resource center, knowledge base4.81 stars (496 reviews)

Referral Rock

referral rockReferral Rock’s affiliate marketing software helps you manage, track, and compensate affiliates – but it doesn’t only provide affiliate marketing tools.

The software tool also has the flexibility to manage all types of referral and partner programs, including ambassador programs, channel partner programs, influencer programs, and more.

Referral Rock is a robust platform that automates every step of the affiliate or referral process, allowing both online and offline businesses to scale and measure the success of partnership programs. And if you need any help, their customer service team is known for its excellent support at every step of the process.

Key features

  • Identify and enroll individual affiliates: Once you determine the affiliates or other partners you want to enroll, you can easily create and personalize the program, including with customizable affiliate landing pages.
  • Track and manage leads and affiliates: Track and capture every purchase made from each affiliate link,  and quickly compensate each affiliate. Both you and your affiliates can monitor campaigns and all key performance indicators right on the platform’s dashboard.
  • Automate and streamline affiliate engagement: Keep affiliates engaged with automated promotions, and easily communicate with affiliates to build strong relationships.
  • Fully customizable commissions: Choose any affiliate compensation rate and structure you’d like.
  • Mobile app and API integration: Referral Rock seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and plenty of other marketing and sales tools you’re already using. Referral Rock also offers a mobile app and API integration.
  • Exceptional support: Every plan comes with an onboarding specialist who knows your affiliate program, your marketing plan, and your goals.

Our take: Referral Rock has a strong suite of affiliate tracking and management features, with close attention to providing exceptional customer support.  The automated engagement is also notable, as it’s a feature we don’t see often. But don’t just take our word for it – review sites publish positive ratings relating to customer service, product, and fair pricing.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$200-$800/month Free plan and demo available ​​Onboarding specialists, customer success managers, chat support, product and resource guides, support center, webinars 4.5 stars (55 reviews)

Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro

One of the top-rated affiliate program software, Post Affiliate Pro allows you to easily track and manage affiliate campaigns with multiple tracking methods, and compensate affiliates with diverse commission structures. Customize your dashboard, and easily collect the data you need about affiliates with robust reporting.

Key features

  • Create any style for your affiliate link, use direct link tracking, and handle multiple currencies – all while safeguarding your program from fraud
  • Compensate affiliates your way, with extra performance rewards, recurring commissions, and split commissions. Post Affiliate Pro also accommodates multi-level structures, where affiliates can earn additional sales commission from affiliates they’ve recruited.
  • Integrate with over 170 other programs your business uses
  • Five-star customer support team

Our take: Lots of integrations means it should probably fit well with your existing stack. And there’s a good amount of flexibility in the promotional assets you’ll give affiliates, your compensation structures, and the way you design your program.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$129-$599/month 14-day free trial available Live chat, knowledge base, member portal, email, phone, direct support 4.58 stars (645 reviews)



CAKE Affiliate Marketing offers a solution for affiliate marketing, affiliate-based lead generation, and multichannel marketing. Measure the success of your affiliate relationships at a glance, attract more valuable partners, and optimize your campaigns for greater revenue. Instead of just tracking the purchases themselves, you can also track any affiliate-related actions that lead to a purchase.

Key features

  • Real-time insights into affiliate success, with granular tracking, customizable alerts, and diverse ways to reward affiliates.
  • Accurately measure which affiliates were responsible for each impression, click, and conversion with personalized reporting.
  • 24-hour customer support with a dedicated client success manager and implementation specialist
  • Fully customize the affiliate experience for your brand
  • Grant affiliates automation access for campaigns with a two-way API
  • Quickly flag abnormal behavior with custom alerts, and use pixel whitelisting to safeguard your program against fraud. Plus, GDPR-compliant security ensures affiliate and lead data stays safe.

Our take: CAKE has lots of features to customize your program, analyze your data, and safeguard against fraud. But the lack of transparent pricing gives us pause; it’s probably on the expensive side for most businesses.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Unknown Free demo available Phone, ticket support, 24-hour professional support, knowledge base, client success managers 4.5 stars (76 reviews)



Kartra’s affiliate program software helps to organize and manage affiliates at a glance, allowing you to know exactly how and when to compensate your affiliates. You can also customize landing pages, choose flexible payment options, and track the success of your program with detailed metrics.

Key features

  • Flexible commissions and payment milestones: Set percentage-based or fixed cash payouts, either universally or per-product. If you wish, pay affiliates only after they’ve reached a certain sales threshold, or after they’ve met other criteria. Reward affiliates for bringing both new leads and sales.
  • Build custom landing pages for your affiliates, as well as branded affiliate portals for onboarding and check-ins.
  • Create tiers of affiliates to give your most successful affiliates larger commissions.
  • Option to manually review and approve affiliate applications, and prompt a questionnaire and review of terms upon signup.
  • Easily check individual affiliate performance and payment details, including their preferred payment method

Our take: Kartra makes it easy to vet and track affiliates. But we’ve noticed that the platform has a lot of features outside the word of mouth space, so you might be paying for a less focused software with features you don’t need.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$99-$499/month Free demo available; 14-day trial costs $1 Knowledge base, Facebook community, support tickets, email, phone 4.33 stars (181 reviews)



Scaleo is a fully-managed affiliate program software that allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business and affiliate marketing campaigns in real-time, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. Suitable for networks, advertisers, and media buyers, it can help optimize traffic sources by cutting out fraudulent traffic and focusing on quality conversions. Plus, Scaleo can be integrated with an endless number of 3rd party technologies.

Key features

  • Anti-Fraud Logic™ with all plans (filtering and redirecting fraud clicks/traffic in real-time)
  • Fresh and modern interface with customization/branding options
  • Multi-currency support, integration with WooCommerce, and Shopify

Our take: We appreciate the strong focus on preventing fraud. The inclusion of AI is interesting, but we couldn’t find much about how this may help you manage your program.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$239-$999+/month 14-day free trial and demo available Email, chat, phone 4.77 stars (23 reviews)



TUNE offers a robust and customizable solution on desktop and mobile for managing affiliate and other partner programs, allowing you to “partner the way you want to.” From onboarding to payout, TUNE’s flexibility helps you maximize the ROI of your affiliate relationships.

Key features

  • Flexible customization: Fully personalize your affiliate portals to reflect your branding, and use an API-based foundation with over 650 endpoints for even more detailed personalization.
  • Onboard, manage, and compensate affiliates and other partners in an environment that feels truly unique to your brand.
  • Reporting from anywhere: Track and manage affiliate and lead data across web and mobile interfaces to make better partner decisions, and use task automation to save time.
  • High security standards: SOC and GDPR compliance, Privacy Shield certification, and more proactive prevention against fraud.

Our take: TUNE is one of the most well-known players in the affiliate space, with plenty of customization and tracking options available. Their plans are expensive given the features, though. And we’ve heard that it can be hard to learn how to use if you’re just starting out.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$599-$1,500/month; custom plans also available. Free trial and demo available Live chat, help site (knowledge base), support ticket submission, email, phone, training courses 4.34 stars (175 reviews)



Partnerize’s affiliate tracking software eliminates the guesswork in creating and managing an affiliate or partner program. It empowers leading brands to put customers first in every affiliate program. Brands can now target their ideal customers with messages, placements, and offers for maximum growth.

Key features

  • Efficient and simplified workflows: Create clear workflows for every aspect of affiliate management, including discovery, conversion tracking, reporting and insights, anti-fraud protection, and payments.
  • Flexibility using robust API-first reporting: Partnerize eliminates historical constraints on partner recruitment, and gives brands the ability to give affiliate commission based on any KPI (revenue, profit, LTV, AOV, acquisition, retention, split commissioning across multiple partners).
  • Intelligent AI automation: Partnerize uses proprietary AI to automate manual work, such as simplifying the discovery of new affiliates, increasing scalability, and providing comprehensive insights based on real-time data review.

Our take: It’s good that you can manage influencers as well as affiliates, so you have more flexibility. We’ve heard that the platform can be hard to use, though. Partnerize also seems a bit too similar to an affiliate network. Although brands can discover affiliates right on the platform, affiliates can compare your program side-by-side with competing programs (meaning that it’s hard to recruit and build relationships with affiliates, and you don’t truly own the affiliates.)

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Unknown Free demo available Email, account manager, instructional videos, video support, phone, dedicated success manager, resource library, knowledge base, webinars 4.46 stars (81 reviews)



Build, scale, and manage an affiliate marketing program with Circlewise, and “let your affiliate marketing take off.” An open publisher market makes finding and recruiting affiliates easy. Unique performance-based pricing means you only pay for the ad spend you need, while still gaining unlimited access to the full suite of features.

Key features

  • Self-serve dashboard: Take control of every detail of your offers, including tracking methods.
  • Customizable affiliate portal lets you brand it as your own
    Publisher chat support from the Circlewise team makes sure affiliates get the answers they need, saving you time and energy
  • Multi-layer tracking and conversion path reporting shows you which affiliates are responsible for a sale and how customers progressed to a conversion. Analyze all affiliates in your program and protect against fraud.
  • Automated billing and payouts to publishers

Our take: Since Circlewise operates using a marketplace, it has some affiliate network-like features. Although you run and own your program and can discover affiliates with Circlewise, affiliates can compare your program side-by-side with competing programs, so you don’t truly own the affiliates you recruit. The performance-based pricing is interesting, though, as it lets you scale your spend up or down month by month.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Performance-based N/A Help center, email, support team 4.8 (74 reviews)



Tapfiliate’s cloud-based affiliate tracking software enables you to create, track, and optimize your own affiliate programs. You can create an affiliate program in as little as five minutes, then sit back and watch as your affiliates promote you. The software also allows you to customize the reward structure for your affiliates.

Key features

  • Onboard affiliates with a custom, personal dashboard, and give them everything they need to promote you, including professional-looking links and codes, branded affiliate pages, banners, and social media post copy.
  • Integrate with Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress and more.
  • Automate workflows with help from Zapier.
  • Flexible rewards, including percentage-based, fixed cash, one-off, recurring, and lifetime commissions. Set performance bonuses or create reward tiers to motivate affiliates

Our take: It seems like Tapfiliate offers a good suite of customization and tracking features at a low price. We couldn’t find much in the way of customer support, though, other than the portal of self-service docs. Some reviewers also say that you can’t pay affiliates from the platform, so that’s a drawback (although they’re planning to fix this).

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$59-$149/month; enterprise plan also available Free trial available Support portal 4.48 stars (68 reviews)



LeadDyno affiliate program software includes automated welcome emails, affiliate dashboards, and quick affiliate commissions payment. With one-click sharing, your affiliates can easily share with their social media contacts. Affiliates can track their own progress in real time on their personal dashboard.

Key features

  • Immediately track visitors, leads, and sales that come from affiliates with a real-time dashboard. Track affiliate marketing via links, coupon codes, or custom affiliate websites.
  • Custom affiliate portal, including mobile app access for affiliates, with shareable branded content and access to their sales and commissions
  • Fully customize affiliate payments, including for multi-level marketing structures. Pay affiliates in bulk and set different commission tiers for different affiliates.

Our take: LeadDyno is a simple, no-frills affiliate solution. It will likely work well for you if you’re an ecommerce business, but it isn’t built for SaaS businesses or B2Bs with multi-step sales processes.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$49-$749/month 30-day free trial and demo available Live chat, email, phone 4.29 stars (132 reviews)



AffiliateWP is a plugin specially designed to help you manage affiliate programs via WordPress. Start an affiliate program in minutes and recruit an unlimited number of affiliates. Every feature seamlessly blends into WordPress sites, thanks to simple, dedicated shortcuts.

Key features

  • Track affiliate sales and affiliate-based website visits in real time using custom links and coupon codes. Tracking is accurate even if servers have aggressive caches.
  • Directly deposit affiliate payouts to bank accounts or debit cards in over 30 countries. Then, easily check all the payouts you’ve sent.
  • Track your top earning affiliates, edit individual affiliate accounts, view individual reports, and moderate affiliate registrations (screen and register affiliates manually or automatically).
  • The affiliate dashboard gives your affiliates the tools they need to drive people to your website, track their performance and commissions, and more.

Our take: AffiliateWP is one of the leading affiliate plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce, with detailed tracking and advanced features built for those platforms. But if you’re using Shopify, BigCommerce, or another online store platform, AffiliateWP definitely won’t work for you.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$150-$599/year N/A Knowledge base, email support 4.58 stars (103 reviews)



Feature-rich and easy-to-use, iDevAffiliate has helped brands track affiliates for over 15 years. Easily set up your program, train affiliates, and compensate them for the sales they help you generate. Run the program from your own account or from iDevAffiliate’s servers.

Key features

  • Set up your own payout structure: Choose from percentage or flat commissions, pay-per-lead or per-action, payouts by product, and multi-level setups for recruitment bonuses
  • Allow affiliates to set up their links with social media, banners, HTML templates, QR codes, and more
  • Built-in shopping cart and ecommerce platform integration with over 150 platforms
  • Beautiful and robust reporting, including options to export data
  • Advanced fraud protection tools

Our take: iDevAffiliate is one of the most experienced platforms on this list. The one-time price will benefit you if you have the capability to self-host, and the cloud option is very affordable. We have heard that the customer support quality can be iffy, though.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
$39-$79/month for cloud options; one-time fee starting at $279 for self-hosted options Free demo available Live chat, support center, direct support, video tutorials, phone 3.92 stars (10 reviews)

Pepperjam Ascend

pepperjam ascend

Ascend Affiliate Cloud by Pepperjam is a “comprehensive affiliate marketing lifecycle platform.” Discover and track high-quality affiliates, pay affiliates efficiently, and protect your assets and revenue for a powerful source of leads and sales.

Key features

  • Automated and data-driven partner discovery and recruitment
  • Quick and easily digestible data helps you track affiliates’ success and refine your program with data-driven decisions.
  • Customize and automate commissions with flexible reward options
  • Compliance monitoring technology keeps your revenue and reputation safe from fraud

Our take: The lack of transparent pricing gives us pause; we’ve heard that brands must pay per user, which can make things more expensive. Although some reviewers say it has a great UI, others say it’s rigid and difficult to navigate.

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Unknown N/A Email, phone, resource guides 4.2 stars (8 reviews)



PartnerStack offers an affiliate platform built to handle every part of managing and growing your affiliate program, with automated onboarding, link-tracking, goal-setting, and more. And since affiliate partners receive their commissions through their Stripe or PayPal accounts, manual payouts will be a thing of the past.

Key features: 

  • Manage affiliate and other partner programs simultaneously
  • Lots of integrations means PartnerStack plays well with the software you already use
  • PartnerStack Marketplace can help you find affiliates quickly
  • Wealth of resources for affiliates to access, thanks to a dedicated affiliate dashboard
  • Partners get paid directly through PartnerStack, and compensation structures are flexible

Our take: The platform mainly focuses on serving B2B and SaaS customers. But there’s one major caveat. PartnerStack runs their platform like an affiliate network, because they have a marketplace. This means that PartnerStack owns your affiliates. Also, affiliates can compare your program side-by-side with competing programs (meaning that it’s more difficult to recruit and build relationships with affiliates).

Pricing Free demo or trial Customer support Review score
Unknown Free demo available Email, success manager, resource center, knowledge base 4.81 stars (496 reviews)

Benefits of affiliate marketing software platforms

Affiliate marketing software is an essential part of running an affiliate program.

In an affiliate marketing program, approved third parties place unique links to your brand’s site or store on their own content channels, including blog posts and social media posts. These links are known as affiliate links.

Whenever someone clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a cash commission from your business as a reward. Usually, this reward is a set percentage of each purchase, but it could also be a flat cash payout.

Affiliate marketing software enables you to recruit affiliates, easily set up unique affiliate links, and track the sales generated through each link using cookies and pixels. With the right affiliate software, you can easily identify your top affiliate partnerships, and instantly compensate your affiliates all on one platform.

Is affiliate tracking software right for you?

Affiliate software is more niche than you might think. It’s good if you want others to promote your business using their channels, and are willing to compensate them with a commission or other form of payment.

For this reason, affiliate programs work especially well for e-commerce or online businesses, especially those with higher margins. Studies show that store credit or upgrades are a popular reward incentive.

Marketing through affiliates is also a good choice if you can find ones with an existing relationship with your product or service, as well as their own strong audience. As with all types of marketing, it’s best when the partnership feels natural. And since affiliate marketing can take some time before you see results, it’s important to choose your partner wisely.

Features to look for in software affiliate marketing programs

Still trying to decide which affiliate tracking software is best for your company’s needs? Look for the following features:

  • Robust, real-time data reporting, with all the metrics you need to track affiliates’ ROI and refine your affiliate program
  • Easy-to-use interface: Both your brand and your affiliates must easily be able to see how your campaigns are performing
  • Tools to create and manage a personalized affiliate dashboard
  • Ability to fully customize and brand the program to your company’s needs (this includes commission flexibility)
  • Automated engagement features that help keep the program at the top of affiliates’ minds
  • Integrations: The software should seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use in your marketing stack
  • Features to help detect and prevent affiliate fraud
  • Top-notch customer support to help you launch and scale your program: A dedicated success manager is best
  • Affordable, transparent pricing (affiliate software brands that don’t disclose their pricing tend to be much more expensive)

Affiliate software vs. affiliate network: What’s the difference?

You might have heard of affiliate networks (also called affiliate marketplaces) as a way to manage affiliate programs. And some affiliate platforms function similarly to affiliate networks.

Although affiliate networks help you find affiliates easily, there are far more drawbacks than benefits to going with a network:

  • Networks tend to be more costly and often charge added fees
  • On a network, affiliates can compare different merchants’ affiliate programs and shop around for the best commissions, so your program is in direct competition with many other affiliate programs. 
  • With a network, you don’t fully own affiliates and affiliate data; the network can withhold what they want

In contrast, affiliate software gives you full control of your affiliate data and relationships with affiliates, without the added fees and competition. So, you should avoid affiliate networks (and network-like platforms) and choose a true, full-service affiliate program software instead.

Alternatives to affiliate marketing platforms

Affiliate programs are also a type of partner program. If you’re planning on engaging in multiple types of partnerships, such as channel partnerships, PRM (partnership relationship management) software may be a better option for you.

Of course, there are many other types of software for different advocacy partnerships. Depending on your particular business need, you might see more success with one of these other software alternatives:

Referral program software

Referral programs encourage customers to share your brand with their personal networks, as opposed to creators sharing your business with their audiences.

Here are some clear signs that your business would do better with a referral program than an affiliate program:

  • Your customers are already recommending your business to their friends
  • You’d like to encourage customers to share your business with their peers
  • You are willing to reward both referring customers and newly referred customers
  • You plan on using any referral reward structure other than a set percentage of referred purchases;
  • You run a service-based, experience-based, or SaaS business

If the above criteria apply to your business, referral program software will be a much better fit for you. Referral programs are very different from affiliate programs, because referral programs leverage the trusted relationships customers have with their peers. Meanwhile, affiliate programs involve recommendations to people the affiliate doesn’t know personally. A referral program will often yield better results than an affiliate program due to this trust element.

For more details on these two programs, be sure to read our article on the differences between referral and affiliate programs.

Influencer marketing software

Influencer marketing software can also be a great tool for your business campaigns. If your marketing strategy includes:

  • Recruiting advocates who are authorities in their field or among your audience
  • Recruiting influencers with a significant social media presence
  • Running a shorter or limited campaign
  • Using a compensation system other than flat cash or a percentage of each purchase

Then consider influencer marketing software. Influencer partnerships can be similar to affiliate partnerships, but influencer campaigns are shorter-term and are often more focused on social media.

Brand ambassador software

Brand ambassador programs are very different from affiliate programs. The following points will help check if brand ambassador software is a better choice for your business. If you’re planning on:

  • Recruiting long-term advocates who already love your brand;
  • Having genuine conversations with your audience about why they love your brand;
  • Building relationships with audience members, both online and offline;
  • Prioritizing authenticity and relationships over generating large amounts of sales;
  • Using a compensation system other than a commission on each sale.

Then, consider brand ambassador software. Brand ambassadors aren’t commission-driven like affiliates are. In a way, they have opposite motivations. Affiliates want to make as many sales as possible. Meanwhile, ambassadors share their genuine experiences to encourage people to try your brand, and care more about building relationships as a way to connect people with your brand.

Wrapping things up

Depending on your business and program, there will be one affiliate software tool perfect for your needs. Take your pick from the above list, and see how each feature can help you streamline and manage your own affiliate program.