The 4 Best ReferralCandy Alternatives for Targeting Brand Growth

Updated on October 12, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Get the low-down on ReferralCandy alternatives. Find the best word-of-mouth marketing solution for your customer referral programs.

Are you considering a customer referral program like ReferralCandy, but want to know more about the competition? Maybe you’re looking for more functionality in a marketing tool. We looked at some of the top growing referral marketing software and broke down what each one has to offer.

Browse through referral marketing solutions below and find the ideal ReferralCandy alternative to help you gain new customers.

Why do I need a customer referral program?

Customer referral programs are proven to be one of the best ways to help brands grow. And with the right referral system and marketing tools in place, brands can capitalize on their existing loyal customers.

The best customer referral programs often make use of referral marketing software. These tools can offer robust functionalities, like the ability to conduct A/B testing, link with social networks, and access real-time customer engagement.

If you’re ready to expand your base of new customers, read on for our pick of the best referral marketing solutions.

The best ReferralCandy alternatives

We understand that ReferralCandy isn’t for every business or situation. Our goal was to take the hard work out spending time and effort, and help find the referral software that’s right for you.

Our list of ReferralCandy alternatives includes the following referral marketing platforms:

  • Referral Rock
  • Referral Hero
  • Friendbuy
  • Ambassador

While there are many other referral software alternatives, we focused our list on the strongest options with the highest customer ratings. We took the time to sign up for each referral marketing platform and tested them out ourselves.

By gaining first-hand experience with the referral lead software alternatives ourselves and compiling the information in one comprehensive review, we came up with the best referral software platform for your needs.

ReferralCandy review

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When it comes to customer referrals for ecommerce, ReferralCandy is one of the industry leading marketing tools. With its intuitive interface and recognizable namesake, ReferralCandy is a go-to for many businesses looking to draw in more customers online.

However, there are certain limitations that come with the referral marketing platform. And depending on your business goals, ReferralCandy may not be the best option for you.

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ReferralCandy: Pros and Cons

ReferralCandy Pros

  1. ReferralCandy comes with an excellent referral process. As one of the established names in the space, the company has built state-of-the-art lead programs for ecommerce websites.
  2. More than 30,000 brands have used ReferralCandy, which makes it easy for new clients to also trust the brand.
  3. ReferralCandy’s platform is compatible with top ecommerce programs, like Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.

ReferralCandy Cons

  1. Small businesses and startups who opt for ReferralCandy’s lowest Premium plan will be charged tiered commissions for every sale. Yes, the lower monthly price of $49 allows you to save initially. But if all goes well and your small business grows, you can end up shelling out a lot of money in commissions. For example, ReferralCandy’s commission rate starts at 5% for your first $1,000, and then to 3.5% for your next $10,000 in sales. This can reach another $350 a month in commissions alone.
  2. ReferralCandy’s next Enterprise plan is a far reach from its Premium plan. It costs $3,999 – more than 80x more! This puts growing startups in a tough spot, either forcing them to pay commission or the significantly more expensive monthly fee.
  3. Businesses on the smaller Premium plan don’t have access to a dedicated case manager. So if you need any customer service is needed, you have to use their general live chat support and speak to someone who isn’t fully familiar with your business.

Top 4 ReferralCandy alternatives

Now, let’s look at the four best alternatives to ReferralCandy:

1. Referral Rock

referral rock ambassador alternative

Referral Rock is a proven ReferralCandy alternative for ecommerce websites and online businesses of all sizes. With a team of highly rated software experts and a dedicated success manager, this unique referral and affiliate marketing platform helps you attract more leads and new customers.

Interested customers can start by scheduling a customized walk-through demo, or even test it out for free to see if the referral software is a good fit for your business.

Some of Referral Rock’s best features include:

  • Personalized on-boarding and a dedicated success manager for all available plans
  • User-friendly software that can be customized to both online and offline businesses of all sizes
  • Easy DIY interface and drag-and-drop features
  • In-depth analytics and workflow automation
  • Multiple text message and social sharing capabilities

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As an automated marketing channel, Referral Rock draws in more leads, while requiring less effort from your sales team. It invites customers to share your business with others using pre-filled templates across all channels, and sends out rewards at the designated time – without you having to do anything.

Referral Rock is also known for its high level of customer support. Each customer has a dedicated success manager who conducts personal onboarding and regularly audits your referral program.

As an alternative to ReferralCandy, Referral Rock comes with one-on-one customer support and a dedicated case member for every one of its customers. It’s also made for both businesses with offline operations, not just ecommerce (ReferralCandy is specifically built for ecommerce companies).

Referral Rock is also available in more than 25 email and website platforms. It integrates with the most popular ecommerce services, like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, email marketing platforms like MailChimp and HubSpot, and tracking websites, like Google Analytics and Salesforce.

With Referral Rock’s effective integration system, you can keep track of where your leads are coming from and all your new referrals.

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The low-down on Referral Rock

Choose from three different plans to find a proven referral-based software plan that meets your company’s needs, including a custom DIY interface and page templates with drag-and-drop features. Customers get access to personalized customer experience with every plan, and the software is compatible with virtually every website, email marketing, and analytics tracking software.

The referral marketing software also allows multiple text and social share options, enabling your customers to use their preferred channel and reach the maximum referral options. And with Referral Rock’s growing platform and analytics system, you can easily grow and monitor all your new customers.

2. ReferralHero

referralhero logo

ReferralHero is the final ReferralCandy alternative to make our list. ReferralHero offers tiered plans, and is a viable option for small- or mid-sized companies who still want referrals, but don’t operate as an ecommerce site or large sales company.

ReferralHero provides self-branded analytics, with social sharing and translation options. Brands are easily able to get their message across, no matter where their leads come from.

What sets ReferralHero apart is the ability to create custom, memorable codes. For instance, YourURL.ReferralCustomLink. Although this feature is only available in the highest-tier plan, it’s a way for users to create brand recall with their referral code.

ReferralHero is available in three monthly plans, ranging between $49 per month (Basic Plan) and $199 per month (Premium Plan).

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The low-down on ReferralHero

Best for smaller startups or non-ecommerce businesses, ReferralHero provides the ability to run referral marketing campaigns with branded reports and custom referral links. It also provides SMS authentication and and smart analytics, where businesses can identify their top brand ambassadors.

With three different plans available, ReferralHero is good for smaller scale referral campaigns and brand advocacy. But it might lack versatility for up-and-coming, growing businesses. Customers can contact support through a contact form, which means there is no personalized point person and customers have to start from square one every time.

3. Friendbuy

friendbuy logo

Friendbuy’s first customers were fast-growing startups. Now, the company has escalated to billion-dollar brands,  such as Disney, Nestle, and Walmart.

The platform is built for growth marketers, offering a way to run sophisticated referral programs and improve the customer experience. Plus, Friendbuy has an onboarding team to guarantee your program is running and ready for peak performance.

There are three available plans, starting at $249 per month (Starter Plan) up to $749 per month (Deluxe Plan). You can also contact the company for a customized Enterprise Plan.


The low-down on Friendbuy

Friendbuy has greatly grown its customer base since it first launched, but the platform still focuses on ecommerce companies. It specializes in online transactions and referral campaigns. Plus, a lot of the personal support and functionalities only come with the Deluxe and Enterprise plans, which may be a big investment for smaller companies that are just starting to see growth.

4. Ambassador [Now closed]

ambassador brand ambassador software. customer rewards program. under-friendly software. user-friendly interface. customer rewards software.

Update: We recently found out Ambassador is shutting down. It says on their website: “The Ambassador Referral Marketing platform is being sunset and has a scheduled end-of-life in September 2021.” If you’re a current Ambassador client, read our latest article on Ambassador alternatives here

Another ReferralCandy alternative is Ambassador, a referral software program ideal for large businesses or influencer programs. Ambassador offers personal sharing functionality, such as partnerships and influencer leads.

Rather than specializing on one front, Ambassador spreads its efforts across the board. It’s referral SaaS platform accommodates brand ambassadors, affiliate programs, and partnerships. Customers can choose one or more services to find their best marketing needs.

With a personalized brand experience, customers get visual accountability of their leads, including sleek tools that help automate tasks. Less work, plus more streamlined outflow. customer bonus. customer referral bonus. loyal customers. diy interface. user friendly platform. brand ambassadors. brand referrals.

However, Ambassador doesn’t include pricing transparency. There’s no free trial, and customers must schedule a demo meeting to get any pricing information. That means, based on the size of a business or requested services, prices could change from business to business.

While we can’t speak on fees, Ambassador is best for large brands or companies looking for new influencers to promote their products.

The low-down on Ambassador

Ambassador is a personally branded platform made for large businesses focused on brand influencers, affiliate marketing, and referral-based leads. It can be integrated into many email and website platforms, including Salesforce and MailChimp. However, you will need to contact the company for more details, including pricing and the actual features included in your plan.

Which ReferralCandy alternative is best?

To find your best referral software program, take a look at the following chart that outlines the pros and cons of ReferralCandy and its alternatives. Our research allows you to get the best match for your business, without wasting any unnecessary time.

Platform ReferralCandy Referral Rock ReferralHero Friendbuy Ambassador [Now closed]
Pricing $49 + tiered commission


$200-$800/mo $49-$100/mo $249-$749/mo Not available
Free demo or trial? Yes, free trial Yes, demo and free trial Yes, free trial (needs credit card info) Yes, demo available No
Help with installation? Unknown Yes, customer support on all plans Depends on plan Depends on plan Yes
Compatible software 15 platforms 25+ platforms (and more through custom APIs) 17 platforms 14 platforms 4+ platforms
General support (basic plans) Live chat support Custom support on all plans Contact form support Email support Unknown
Rating (overall)* 4.6 4.5 4.5 5 4.4
Rating (ease of use)* 4.5 4.4 4.5 4.3 4.2
Rating (customer service)* 4.9 4.8 4.5 3.7 4.4

*Ratings from Capterra.

If you want a referral marketing alternative to ReferralCandy, Referral Rock is your best choice.

Businesses of all sizes can encourage their customers to refer others through the most convenient sharing channels, including social media and text/SMS messaging. Not only does it work for ecommerce companies, it also offers more flexible plans and payment schemes, and personal customer support for every customer.

With Referral Rock’s intuitive referral software, both business owners and marketers can increase ROI, brand recognition, and overall customer loyalty.


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