5 Best Referral SaaSquatch Alternatives and Competitors

Updated on August 17, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Referral SaaSquatch offers “customer growth, automated.” Its marketing platform can run customer loyalty, referrals, and reward programs – all in one place.

But what if you don’t need that much functionality or also have offline operations? What if you’re looking for something more affordable?

There are many great Referral SaaSquatch alternatives. And with SaaSquatch plans starting at $1,250 per month, they can be quite an investment for small businesses and startups.

Fortunately, there are a lot of referral marketing solutions out there. If you’re interested in an alternative to Referral SaaSquatch, we have you covered.

Below are the top five Referral SaaSquatch competitors, which offer more affordable, more specialized referral program platforms.

Which is the best Referral SaaSquatch alternative

  • Referral Rock
  • Viral Loops
  • InviteReferrals
  • Friendbuy
  • Extole

Referral Rock

referral rock ambassador alternative

Founded in 2014, Referral Rock is a relatively new entrant that’s been rising in the referral marketing industry. Its platform is trusted by over 1,000 businesses, and able to run both online and offline referral programs.

Referral Rock is best known for its flexible functionality and plans, as well as its dedicated customer success experts. The company has also expanded to offer affiliate programs and partner programs.

Overview of services: Referral Rock is built to provide businesses with referral programs customized to their business needs. Aside from its user-friendly interface, a dedicated success manager is available for onboarding every new customer on the platform.

A regular program audit is also provided to ensure your referral marketing program is performing at its best. This Referral SaaSquatch alternative can also automate routine processes (i.e., customer payouts, follow up notifications), email marketing, and even integrate with your existing tech stack.

Plans and pricing:

Referral Rock Plans Referral Rock Pricing
Starter: The basics of referral marketing, providing all you need to launch your first program. Includes one active program for 500 members and unlimited referrals. $200 per month
Growth: If your business is ready to scale its referral program, this plan provides more advanced features and automation. Includes three programs, 5,000 members, and unlimited referrals.  $400 per month
Established Business: For businesses in need of more customization and flexibility in their referral marketing efforts. Includes five active programs, 10,000 members, and unlimited referrals. $800 per month

Good for: Business owners and marketers in almost all industries and stages. Referral Rock offers a reliable, scalable referral platform – perfect for those who want a marketing solution that grows alongside their company.

Not so good for: Companies in need of an agency to handle all their marketing campaigns, beyond customer referral and partner programs.

Viral Loops

viral loops logo Viral Loops describes itself as a template-based solution that makes referral marketing easy for everyone. Built for the modern marketer, the platform can launch a referral campaign in minutes and give customers the convenience of two-click inviting and sharing.

By enabling word of mouth to spread easily, Viral Loops adds virality to your referral marketing and lowers customer acquisition costs.

Overview of services: The Viral Loops platform comes with a built-in Campaign Wizard to walk you through each step of creating a referral system. It includes a landing page builder and of course, a selection of referral program templates: Refer a Friend, The Milestone Referral, The Startup Prelaunch, etc.

The platform also allows you to easily customize your campaign widgets and integrate with existing marketing tools for a plug-and-play referral marketing campaign.

Plans and pricing:

Viral Loops Plans Viral Loops Pricing
Start-up: The entry program for up to 1,000 participants. Comes with two templates, landing page, and seven integrations. $34 per month
Growing: For mid-size referral programs up to 20,000 participants. Comes with four templates, landing page, and seven integrations, and API access.  $69 per month
Power: The highest plan for up to 25,000 participants. Comes with four templates, landing page, and seven integrations, API access, and priority customer support and coaching. Can also remove Viral Loops branding. $208 per month

Good for: Businesses that want to run simple, basic campaigns. If you’re looking for a Referral SaaSquatch alternative that can get your referral program up quickly, Viral Loops can get you to launch through the use of pre-built templates. It’s also best if you don’t mind DIY-ing your customer campaigns.

Not so good for: Those who want flexible, customizable referral programs. Since the platform relies heavily on its templates, it’s hard to create a program just for your needs. (Viral Loops also only provides priority support and removes its logo in its Power plan.)


invitereferral logo

InviteReferrals is positioned as the simplest software to run customer referral program campaigns. These campaigns include giveaway campaigns, customer contests, and goal based referral programs.

You can run marketing optimized for both web and mobile, and in over 25 different languages. Plus, InviteReferral integrates with 20 platforms and enables you to perform referral tracking on the individual user level

Overview of services: InviteReferrals offers an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that requires no coding to create a beautiful referral campaign. There are multiple referral and social media sharing options, incentive options, and the ability to translate a program over platforms. Plus, this alternative to Referral SaaSquatch gives monthly or yearly updates on how your referral program is doing, along with detailed customer analytics.

Plans and pricing:

InviteReferrals Plans InviteReferraks Pricing
Basic: The simplest plan for smaller referral programs. Includes three campaigns, 1,000 new referrers a month, access for one account, and email support. $79 per month
Standard: For growing businesses, this plan offers twice the number of campaigns, more members, and accounts than in the previous plan. Includes six campaigns, 3,000 new referrers a month, access for five accounts, email support, and a coupon-based program.  $199 per month
Enterprise: This plan caters to referral programs that have reached a certain scale and need more flexibility. Includes a higher number of programs and referrers, access for 10 accounts, coupon-based program, a dedicated account manager, and custom developments. Contact company for quote.

Good for: InviteReferrals is a flexible program for companies that want to run a variety of customer retention campaigns. It’s especially good for ecommerce, as it includes multiple integrations with online shop platforms and can pay out rewards based on different events.

Not so good for: Those starting their first referral program or would like more assistance with building their campaign. InviteReferral only provides a dedicated account manager with its Enterprise plan (other plans include basic email support), which can be a bit too much for some businesses.


friendbuy logo Friendbuy is a SaaS platform for ecommerce referral programs. Focused on growth, its referral marketing platform rapidly tests what drives your customers to purchase and share. It also integrates easily with data warehouse, business intelligence, and subscription billing platforms.

The Referral SaaSquatch competitor understands word of mouth and referrals are the best channel for dynamic growth. It helps ecommerce companies scale this growth on their site and on mobile, with widget templates, real-time editing, and custom assets.

Overview of services: Friendbuy specializes in branded widget templates, which you can place anywhere from your site navigation to a post-purchase prompt. The platform allows you to use personal referral links for brand awareness, as well as automate reward fulfillment for different reward types. You can also perform A/B testing and tracking for all the movements in your referral program in real-time.

Plans and pricing:

FriendBuy Plans Referral Rock Pricing
Starter: A basic plan to get you started with your referral program. For companies with up to $50,000 in total sales a month. Includes unlimited campaigns, third-party integrations, and email support. $249 per month
Deluxe: For referral marketing that needs more flexibility and support. For companies with up to $100,000 in total sales a month. Includes unlimited campaigns, third-party integrations, email and phone support, and API access.  $749 per month
Enterprise: Tailored to your business by customer success referral experts. For companies with over $100,000 in total sales a month. Includes all features, plus custom widget and email templates, managed program launch, and dedicated customer success management. Contact company for quote.

Good for: Ecommerce companies that want a referral program like Outdoor Voices, Dollar Shave Club, Away, and other online brands. Friendbuy counts these companies as some of its customers and can help run similar referral marketing campaigns.

Not so good for: Businesses that aren’t solely ecommerce or are still growing. Friendbuy’s referral expertise is only included in their enterprise plan, which is recommended for companies with over $100,000 in monthly sales. If your company is a small to medium business, another referral platform may work best.


extole logo Extole is positioned as an enterprise advocacy platform. With a turnkey SaaS platform, it helps large companies create the most number of advocates from its existing customers.

Extole has created new customer advocacy programs for some of the biggest brands, with a reward engine that can accommodate retail, consumer financial services, and membership and loyalty programs. As an alternative to Referral SaaSquatch, Extole is known for large-scale referral programs tailored to your brand.

Overview of services: Extole’s platform is able to run different types of referral marketing strategies, including refer-a-friend campaigns, influencer and ambassador programs, and friends and family sharing. Its software offers personalized links, automated reward payout, and full trackin from click to conversion.

Plans and pricing: Not provided. Contact company for price.

Good for: Large corporations that want an agency to run their referral program for them. With a marketing team and dedicated account manager, Extole provides a referral program tailored to your brand.

Not so good for: Business owners and marketers looking for a referral program platform they can work with themselves and run more independently. Extole provides its referral marketing together with a team of marketers, which might not be the plug-and-play customer experience you’re looking for.

Which Referral SaaSquatch alternative is best for you?

referral saasquatch ambassador alternative

Referral Rock Viral Loops InviteReferral Friendbuy Extole
Free demo or trial? Yes, demo and free trial available Yes, demo and free trial available Yes, demo and free trial available Yes, demo and trial available Yes, demo available
Starting price $200/month $34/month $79/month $249/month Contact for pricing
Rating (overall)* 4.5/5 4.5/5 5/5 5/5 4.7/5
Rating (ease of use)* 4.4/5 4.4/5 4.8/5 4.3/5 4.5/5
Rating (customer service)* 4.8/5 4.4/5 4.6/5 3.7/5 4.5/5

** From Capterra

Maybe you’re not sure Referral SaaSquatch is for you – you run offline operations or are looking for something to try out before making a huge investment. There are a lot of good Referral SaaSquatch competitors out there.

FriendBuy is another referral marketing software that focuses on ecommerce. Viral Loops and InviteReferral have carved a niche for various, first-time referral programs, while Extole is on the higher end of the spectrum, providing more of a referral marketing agency.

Referral Rock is a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to Referral SaaSquatch that can build an all-around great referral program. It provides a flexible referral platform, with a range of high-value plans to choose from.

So you can start with the company’s Starter Plan, and continue upgrading as your business continues to grow. It is also adaptable for both ecommerce and offline sales and referrals. Click here to get a Referral Rock demo or 14-day free trial.


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