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Get early access and start increasing word of mouth for your clients. Everything you need to put referral programs on autopilot.

Spin the flywheel faster

Turn your client's customers into promoters and generate more qualified leads.
  • Referral programs engage customers and encourage them to share with their friends
  • Connects directly with HubSpot plus over 50 other integrations
  • Works with any business and sales process (not just ecommerce)
  • Plugs into your client’s marketing channels and existing touch points
HS Flywheel

*Inbound Marketing Flywheel (https://www.hubspot.com/flywheel)

The Benefits

We’ve helped over 500 customers run 1,000s of successful referral programs. We’re launching our Agency Partner Program to help you get similar results for your clients.

Increase word of mouth

Create referral programs to encourage sharing and get more qualified leads.

Runs on autopilot

Connect your client's systems and generate more referrals automatically.

Expand your playbook

Build a repeatable process to launch and manage referral programs.

Training and support

Learn best practices from a dedicated success manager, access our resource library, and receive sales support.

Revenue sharing

We’ll share the revenue on any clients you sign up. Offer referral marketing as a new business services.

Marketing opportunities

Increase your exposure through content partnerships, blog guest posts, partner directory, etc.

How many referrals have been missed today?

Word of mouth doesn’t need to be unpredictable. Help your clients setup referral programs that run themselves.

Integrations put referral programs on autopilot

Here are just a few of the systems that work with our referral platform.

Are you a good fit?

The Agency Partner Program is the perfect match if you are ...

Marketing Agency Partner​

You participate in marketing or sales technology partner programs. Partnerships are important to your growth strategy. Some partnership examples include: HubSpot, Drift, Databox, or Wistia.

Have a large SMB audience

You work with mature B2B or B2C businesses with established customer bases. They use multiple marketing channels and are looking to grow through word of mouth.

Excited to get early access

You want to make word of mouth predictable and are energized to work with our team to shape the direction of the partner program. You’re willing to give feedback and help us improve the program.


Have other questions? We’d love to help. Please contact Mica at partners@referralrock.com.

Nice to meet you, we’re Referral Rock!

We create referral software that increases word of mouth for our customers. We’ve successfully run 1000s of referral programs for over 500 customers. 

Our goal is to make word of mouth predictable and run on autopilot. We integrate with most everything, so you don’t have to manage another marketing system.

In it’s simplest form, the Agency Partner Program gives you the tools and resources to run referral programs for your clients. 

The Partner Program uses a revenue sharing structure based on total subscription spend each quarter. We provide different levels depending on how much revenue is received that quarter.

We want the revenue sharing structure to be fair and hope our partners can create new business services but you should not join the Partner Program just for the potential compensation.

Nope! There is no fee to join or participate in the Partner Program but we do expect you to bring on new referral clients after joining.

We live in a world where people learn about new products and services and make buying decision based on trust. Businesses are already generating word of mouth but it’s often erratic and unpredictable. 

Referral marketing leverages customer relationships to drive new business.

Easy. Just fill out the form below to apply. We’ll reach out to the email provided if it’s a good fit.

You can always apply but if you don’t meet the good fit criteria then it might be a bit early. We’re targeting innovative marketing agencies for the first group of partners and want to we make sure we have a good cohort so we can provide the best experience possible.

Yes! We’re looking for a select group of innovative partners to get in early. Because the Partner Program is still in its infancy, we ask that all partners work with us and provide feedback.

As part of the program, Partners will also be required to bring in new referral clients.

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