September 2016: Managing Your Teams

Good teamwork plays a big part here at Referral Rock. If you're company's the same, we have some great new team-focused features in store for you.

Updated September 11, 2020



Just another month here at Referral Rock. We’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately so you know what that means – product updates!

We’ve made an awesome new addition to our functionality for all the teams out there using our product. Now, not only can you add team members to your Referral Rock account, but you can also assign different roles with different permission settings as well.

product update

Teams no longer have to use a single login to access their Program Page. Everyone is assigned their own username and password and has the ability to make changes and contribute based on the permissions assigned to their role.

Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming. Referral Rock just keeps getting better and better! View our last product update.

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