Word of mouth on autopilot
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Your customers already love your business, help them tell more friends more often

They just need a little nudge, some motivation, and

A word of mouth program, can help:

  • Prompt a happy customer to share with their friends at the right time
  • Motivate customers with incentives they care about
  • Bring you new customers and wider brand awareness

All automatically with the systems you are already using

Pricing starts at $200 per month with no long term commitments. Don’t forget a dedicated customer success manager and personalized on-boarding¬† included in every plan!

Join our successful customers benefiting from more referrals

Hundreds of customers have run successful programs using Referral Rock

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"A great turnkey referral software that allowed our team to launch our campaigns in days instead of months. The team is constantly innovating new features to keep our programs fresh. Their hands-on support is just impossible to beat."
Alex Furmansky
Founder, Budsies
referral program software reviews
"Referral Rock has made the best customer referral software! It's super easy to manage and track key analytics from our member referral program in our own website. The user interface is intuitive and has simplified the process for both members and staff."
Jay Brown
Digital Marketing, YMCA of Metro Atlanta
Marketers love referral marketing

Marketers love how they can...

  • control the brand experience

  • get faster results to quickly prove ROI

  • integrate with their systems

  • unlock more referrals

Run the type of word of mouth program that fits your audience and goals

Get more customers from your customers.

Customer referral programs give them a reason to share and are typically a two-sided reward, where both the referrer and the friend get a reward.

The most common examples are: 

  • “Give $20, get $20”¬†
  • “Earn free rides by inviting friends to sign up”
  • “Get free space by inviting your friends”

Partners use their connections help introduce you to new customers.

A partner program can be effective at getting into deals you otherwise would not have access to. Partners can provide warm introductions and even even meetings for a fair finder’s fee.

Brand ambassadors user their reach to give you greater brand awareness.

A brand ambassadors can be a powerful advocates for products, where the ambassador embody a brand of their own. This can help boost the awareness and status of your business.

Every plan comes with a dedicated success manager, on-boarding, and exceptional support

Integrations with puts word-of-mouth on autopilot

Here are just a few of the systems that work with our referral platform

Automate the Ask

Ask for referrals through your existing channels with widgets, one-click access links, and iFrames in your website, email newsletters, social media, and others.

Track Referrals

Track and capture referrals from e-commerce purchases, form completions, demos, trials, or subscriptions. Or build your own lead capture form right in our software.

Reward Fulfillment

Hundreds of gift card options, direct Paypal payments, and coupons from your system all at your finger tips to send automatically or on a schedule

Zapier and RESTful API

Our developer-friendly API and Zapier integration allows your team to tightly integrate with your service or application. You can also trigger actions in realtime using our many available webhooks.

How many referrals have you missed today?