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Referral Rock helps businesses get more word of mouth through referral and affiliate programs. We give businesses the tools to give their best fans an on-brand sharing experience.

No developers required.

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Word of mouth is an excellent source of new customers and brand awareness for any business.

Most companies wait for word of mouth to happen. This is a huge missed opportunity. Formalizing a referral program can kick referrals into high gear.

An online program helps a business scale their word of mouth by integrating with the way they already work, instead of always having to ask for shares or even thank the referrer.

Giving your customers a trusted and easy sharing experience through an online referral program achieves better results again and again.

Key signs a referral program would work for your business

Any business can benefit from improving their word of mouth. But there are two signs an online referral program will help get outsized results:

Steady and consistent flow of customers​

Referrals work best if you have a popular product or service – one that people want to talk about. An official program can maximize this success.

Customers getting a great experience

Happy customers are essential for word of mouth. If you've received glowing reviews and raving feedback, a referral program will help unlock more of it.

Pricing starts at $200 per month, with no long term commitments.

Why does an online referral program work?

Thanking customers who share your business is a good start. But having an online referral program with software comes with greater advantages.

Remove all possible friction

Makes it easy for customers to join, share on social/email, and get updates on the status of their referrals.

Show gratitude and build loyalty

Show customers how important they are to your business. Rewarding their efforts helps build loyalty, and increases your brand presence in the market.

Less work and more automation

There’s no copy-pasting data or Excel work required to track referrals. You can tell every new customer about the program through email automations.

Motivate the referral

Customers are busy. Incentive based programs can help get attention for your program for both the customer and the referral. 

A new source of high-quality customers

Referrals have a 1.5x to 2x higher conversion rate than other sources. Referred customers also offer a greater lifetime value. After a simple program set up, your business  can start seeing results from referrals and a maximum ROI.

Mini Case Study

CoolBot sells high-end cooling systems. They have loyal customers, but didn’t have time to manually manage a referral program.

Referral Rock automated the entire process, from asking for shares to reward fulfillment, so the CoolBot team would be able to create a scalable program with no little input.

As a result, 10% of their customers now come through the referral program, with many others coming from the secondary brand awareness advantages.

Referral Rock is great. It’s already given us a 10x ROI. It’s so easy to use and requires very minimal effort to run. We just set it and forget it.

John Bergher, VP of Sales and Marketing
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Maximize your word of mouth with Referral Rock

1000+ companies love Referral Rock. Our platform is used by businesses of all sizes across industries including ecommerce, SaaS, and finance.


Works for any business
(not just e-commerce)

Referral Rock is the only platform that can support multi-touch sales processes involving a sales team, demos, trials, and even offline purchases.

Run effective programs for financial services, SaaS, home services, travel, and other types of online services.

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Experienced customer success team to help you create the best possible program

Our success team has helped hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries, so they know all the best tactics.

They’ll guide you through all the necessary decisions, whether it’s what reward to offer or the perfect timing to email customers.

Read about our dedicated customer services

Deep integrations with your systems to work with your processes (but not required)

Integrations with your systems can give you the automated experience we all know and love.

We also understand that proving ROI quickly is important and it can be challenging to get the resources you need to fully integrate.

That’s why our platform can run end to end programs where no integrations are required.  

Read more on how we can work with your systems

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Join the 1,000+ companies that choose Referral Rock for their referral program software

"A great turnkey referral software that allowed our team to launch our campaigns in days instead of months. The team is constantly innovating new features to keep our programs fresh. Their hands-on support is just impossible to beat."
Alex Furmansky
Founder, Budsies
"Referral Rock has made the best customer referral software! It's super easy to manage and track key analytics from our member referral program in our own website. The user interface is intuitive and has simplified the process for both members and staff."
Jay Brown
Digital Marketing, YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Want to discuss if a referral program will work for you?​

If you’re wondering whether a referral program is right for your business, we’re here to answer all your questions. We can discuss: