Recently, Referral Rock has restructured our plans & pricing to better align with our customer’s needs. 

Through a lot of research (and feedback from you!), it was clear that plan-specific member limits and member add-on pricing were a major sticking point and a large reason for why customers felt that they could not grow long term with Referral Rock.

More members for less 

The more members you have in your program, the more successful your program will be. With that in mind, we redesigned our plans so that they give you access to a large member limit right away, regardless of your plan. Long gone are the days of deleting members to avoid upgrading to the next plan just to get m

  • All plans now include 10k members Previous plans had 500, 5k, 10k members included (Starter, Growth, Established Business)
  • Add-on 10k members to any plan for $125 per month You can do this in-app or reach out to support to help you

July 2022: Pricing Updates - More Members On Every Plan 1

So what else?

At this point, you may be wondering, if member limits are equal across the board, what now differentiates plans

  • Plans are still feature-based. So in order to access features like premium payouts (Gift Cards, Tango, Wise) and our HubSpot integration, you will still need a Growth plan or higher. Premium branding and our Salesforce integration are included with our Established Business plan.
  • Additional programs are a separate add-on  ($75 per program on any plan).

By moving to the new plan structure you can choose the plan that works best for connecting your business with Referral Rock, without having to sacrifice on member growth.

These new plans have already gone live on our site and you can view them by clicking here.

If you were a customer of Referral Rock prior to the new plans going into place, then you may remain on your current plan/pricing structure. However, if you wish to switch over to the new pricing structure, please contact our support team through the in-app chat and we will be happy to assist you.