Program Design

All of the information you need to create your program, customize your pages, add images, configure rewards, integrate your website options and set up fraud settings can be found in this section.

Registration Page

Information on creating and customizing your registration page can be found in this article.

Registration Process

You've created your registration page, customized the look, now it's time to make some changes under the hood. Information on editing the registration form and registration options, including registration modes, can be found here.

Member Page

Once your advocates have signed up to become members, they will be sent a link to their personal member page. This is where you will find information on customizing their member page, from social media share options to password protection on the member page.

Referral Page

The referral page is the first point of contact for new customers. Everything you need to build the perfect referral page for your business needs can be found in this article.


Now that you have customized your referral program, it's time to create your rewards. Information on building member rewards, reward options and adding reward distributions can be found here.

Website Integrations

Do you want members to register on a Referral Rock hosted web page, embed the registration page on your site using iFrame or place a link on your page that creates a pop-up widget of the registration page? The choice is yours. This is where you will find all the information that you need to choose the perfect website integration options for your business needs.

Fraud Settings

Using fraud settings? This is where you will find information on customizing the advanced options of your program.