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Online Web Notes – UberNote: Lessons Learned

The Backstory

UberNote Online Web Notes started as a side project built in a townhouse north of Baltimore on nights and weekends. We had our own personal need to keep our notes in the cloud.  (This was before mobile apps, smartphones, and our biggest competitors had an online note product.)

As UberNote grew useful for our friends and family, we created a company and left our full-time jobs to travel down the path of a technology start-up. Starting a company with some of your best friends is not something everyone gets to experience and I believe we truly valued it.  UberNote went through all the ups and downs of a start-up; funding, a start-up incubator (Launchbox Digital), paying customers, various business models, failed attempts at being acquired and finally shutting down.

Code Reuse as a Growth Hack

When developing software you are almost always looking to code for reuse.  It’s great if you can use it multiple times in an application, but what about taking parts to create something standalone and useful as a marketing tool?

While doing some experimental coding for Referral Rock I was trying to find out if I could see how many times a link was liked, shared, tweeted, pinned…

Deleted Account? Quick Hack to find out why a user left

Just read Email: Verify Growth Hack That Will Increase Conversions this morning (very clever by the way, I love it!) and it reminded me of something we did at UberNote years ago to find out why people left.

On the delete account web page we put a short set of survey questions.  None of the questions were required to delete the user’s account, but we did receive a roughly 75% completed rate for at least the first question.

Announcing My Latest Project : Referral Rock

I’ve been somewhat quiet about my latest project: Referral Rock, but now I am ready to add the additional public pressure of letting it be known to all of the Internets!


Here’s the gist:

Just about everyone is familiar with customer referral programs. You know the ones where you refer a friend and you and the friend may get a benefit like 20% off, a $10 gift card, or entry into a drawing for free iPad…

You often see these programs with larger businesses where running customer referral program online has been proven to increase the number of new customers for businesses. Not only do they acquire more business but they can track exactly where it came from.