Your Experience

Easy to setup, design and integrate into your business

1. Setup your Site and Integration

Customize your stand alone site with your own branding or embed directly into your own site.

  •  Fully Hosted
  •  Customizable Template
  •  Mobile Friendly Pages
  •  Widgets

2. Design Your Program

Setup your workflow, program incentives and customize your program pages.

  •  Image Gallery
  •  Tiered Rewards
  •  Fixed/Percentage Rewards

3. Manage Members, Referrals and Rewards

Manage your whole referral workflow once it's up and running. Track progress, run reports, and issue rewards.

  •  View Statistics
  •  Download Lists
  •  Automate Processes
  •  Distribute Rewards

Customer/Partner Experience

Customers and Partners go through easy steps for them to share and track their results.

1. Registration Page

Existing customers and referral partners can register as members of your program directly.
Or you can enable “One Click” registration/single sign-on from your app or email newsletter.

  •  Registration Email
  •  Customizable Form
  •  Passwordless Access

2. Member Page

Once they become a members, they have their own page to share from and check the statistics of their referrals.

  •  Personal URL
  •  Personal Code
  •  Social Media Share
  •  Email Share
  •  Notifications

See all the features on making it easy for customers.

Referral Experience

Friends see the personal message and can go through your buyer experience.

1. Views the Share

Friend views the business branded and personalized message/offer, then can click through if they are interested.

2. Referral Books/Purchases Services

Referral can then book/purchase products or services that fit your business and your existing processes (online and offline options).

 Your Website

Prospective customer clicks through to your website to make their purchase or fill out your form.

(*Optionally the customer can be automatically forwarded directly to your site.)

 On Page Form

Prospective customer fills out a lead/contact form right on the page.

At that point the referral is in the system and you can take action.

 Phone Call

Prospective customer calls in to your business to get a quote or set an appointment.

The prospect then uses the member's code, so you know who referred them.

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