Service Business Use Case

Everything you need to grow referral programs for service based businesses.

Build power referral programs with our easy editor and templates

Integrate with your favorite systems and customer touch points

Automate management to save time and nurture your customers

Best Practices for Service Business

Build better referral programs

Service businesses are built off of referrals. Use these best practices to take control and scale your word of mouth marketing.
  • Keep your program simple. Simple to join, share, engage, and get rewarded
  • Focus (and reward) on driving sales, not just leads
  • Offer motivating rewards that encourage engagement
  • Integrate with your existing promotion and customer channels
  • Ask for referrals when your customers are at their happiest


Build best-in-class referral programs with our personalized templates and program onboarding. Key promotion channels include:
  • Sales and Service Reps (it's so important to train your team on how to ask for referrals as they own the customer relationship)
  • Email (newsletters, email signatures, transactional emails, etc.)
  • Other great channels: SMS, Social and Website

“Referral Rock is exactly what EVERY software company should strive to be. Their integrations, their obsession to be on the leading edge, the customization and flexibility, WITHOUT being locked into a long-term contract. They’ve saved me hours of manual work each week and thousands of dollars.”

Shaun Dewitt

Key Integrations

Sales Process and Workflow

Most Service Businesses have more complicated sales process (not just a single online purchase). Be sure you map your multiple step sales process to your referral process for great accuracy and automation.
  • Typical Service Business sales process mapped to Referral Rock:
  • Lead is captured (usually by requesting a quote or other form) -> Referral Status of Pending
  • Lead is aualified via a meeting, call, on-site appointment, etc. -> Referral Status of Qualified
  • Sales is made -> Referral Status of Approved

Common Systems and Tools

Connect Referral Rock to the systems and tools you use everyday. Here’s a list of some of the sales and marketing tools our clients use.

"61% of people have recommended a local business to someone they know by word of mouth." 

Preparing for Growth

Move beyond your initial launch to scale your referral program

Referral programs work great for service businesses but you need to make sure you’re actively managing them beyond your initial launch. 
  • Build systems to manage and automate your reward fulfillment
  • Continue to engage and nurture your customers to join and share your referral program (don't just send a single launch email)
  • Review your referral stats and see where you need to optimize your program. It almost always comes down to three issues:
  • Lack of Promotion (low number of people participating in your program) -> promote through more active and passive channels
  • Low Member Engagement (people don't share/engage with your program after they join) -> send automated engagement emails and continue to explore other passive promotion channels
  • Low Referral Conversion (new leads aren't converting) -> improve your referral landing page so people want to engage by showcase benefits to them and making action simple
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