Powering Service Businesses

Take control and scale your referral marketing

 Your business already runs on referrals and customer recommendations but this is largely out of your control. You know referral marketing works but it’s been largely random and unpredictable. You’ve experimented with other marketing channels but they’re expensive and less effective.
Grows your business by leveraging the trust and credibility of your most loyal fans. We empower your customers, partners, and advocates to share and promote your business. 

Referral Rock works for Service Businesses

You (Marketer)
Promote your Referral Program

Incorporate your referral program into the marketing channels and touch points you’re already using. Some of the best ones include Email, Website, Social, and training your Sales and Service Reps.

Your Customers/Advocates
Advocates shares your business

Customers/Advocates join and share your business through personal codes/links and predrafted social media, email, and SMS messages.

Their Friends/Network
Friend discover your business

Friends are encouraged to learn more and engage with your business based on a trusted recommendation. 

Friend fills in your lead capture form

The new lead/referral completes your lead form so that a sales rep can follow up. This is the typical process but that initial action can be anything including request a quote, schedule a meeting, etc.

Your Systems
Referral is captured in your existing systems and Referral Rock

Once a referral completes your initial action (i.e. lead form), it’s important that their information lives in both your existing systems (CRM, Email Marketing, etc.) and Referral Rock.

Your Sales Reps
Your sales rep contacts new Referral and makes the sale (new customer)

This can be a single call or a multiple step process. Referral Rock will integrate with your specific workflow. 

Your Systems
Referral's status is updated in your systems and Referral Rock

Work in the systems you already use everyday and Referral Rock will automatically update the Referral’s status based on the changes you make.

Advocate and Friend
Advocate and Referral rewards are issued

Referral Rock creates and fulfills your rewards based on the rules and conditions you set. Possible rewards include Gift Cards, PayPal, Discounts, and more. 

Referral becomes an Advocate and shares

Your new customer now starts sharing your business with their friends and the process repeats.

You (Marketer)
Optimize and Manage

Use data and analytics to improve your program results. Use built in email and advocate engagement tools to encourage ongoing sharing.

Leverage the power of word of mouth to grow your business

More Leads

Higher Quality

Faster Purchase

Service Business Case Study

SIR Glass is an auto glass repair company raising the standards on quality, customer service, and trustworthiness. Based in Portland, Oregon, they provide windshield and auto glass services covering the 8 surrounding counties and cities.

The Challenge

  • SIR Glass already had a referral partner program in place, but it was too manual, too complicated to manage, and couldn’t scale
  • Didn’t provide any tracking or transparency to their partners
  • Distributing gift cards was a nightmare even though they handled these all online

“Referral Rock is exactly what EVERY software company should strive to be. Their integrations, their obsession to be on the leading edge, the customization and flexibility, WITHOUT being locked into a long-term contract. They’ve saved me hours of manual work each week and thousands of dollars.”

Shaun Dewitt