Word of mouth marketing on autopilot

Everything you need to build and run scalable referral programs.

Build powerful referral programs with our easy to use program editor.
Integrate with your favorite systems and customer touch points.


Automate management to save time and focus on engaging and nurturing your customers.

Build Your Program

Intuitive Program Editor

Create beautiful referral programs in no time with our program editor.  Get up in running in days, not weeks.
  • Built in best practices
  • Easy to use, Easy to edit
  • Prebuilt templates and messaging
  • Complete control with advanced editing

Clean, Simple Customer Experience

Control your customer experience across all of your marketing channels and touch points.
  • Customized with your branding and design
  • Personalized to your audience
  • Multiple sharing channels (social, email, SMS, and more)
  • Create your own lead capture forms and landing pages

Automate Messaging and Rewards

Create automated rules for sending out emails and rewards. 
  • Triggered based emails and reward rules (tiers, statuses, and amount) 
  • Multiple reward options including Gift Cards, PayPal, Coupons, Prepaid Visa, and anything else you want to offer

Integrate with your Systems

Sales Process and Workflow

Integrate your sales process to track actions and purchases, not just web visits.  
  • Map your sales process to our referral statuses
    (Capture - Qualify - Approve)
  • Capture referral conversions on any webpage, form, or app
  • Automate customer messaging and engagement as new referrals move down your sales funnel

Favorite Systems and Tools

Connect Referral Rock to the systems and tools you use everyday. We’ll adapt to your process and workflow, not the other way around.

Marketing Channels and Touch Points

Add referral marketing to all of your existing marketing channels and customer touch points. 
  • Seamless integration with all of your customer interactions including Sales/Service Reps, Newsletter, Website, Customer Portal, Storefront, and more.
  • Make it easy for your customers to join and participate in your referral program

Manage your Growth

Reward Fulfillment

Automatically process and distribute rewards based on your rules.
  • Hassle-free electronic distribution
  • Batch payments
  • Detailed reward history and analytics
  • Fraud Protection

Engage and Nurture

Continue to engage with your customers after they have joined your referral program to get them to keep sharing.
  • Workflow and email automation
  • Send personalized campaigns based on schedules or targeted behaviors
  • Sharing and statistics built into all customer emails (bring the referral program directly to your customers)

Reporting and Analytics

Run reports to see how your referral program is performing and where you can further optimize.
  • Detailed analytics and graphs
  • Test and measure results
  • Download data for further analysis
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