Built for Growth Marketers

Put your referral marketing on autopilot

As a Growth Marketer, you’re critical to your company’s success. Responsible for driving new, qualified leads to grow and scale the business. You’re competing in a crowded marketplace and your old marketing tactics are becoming more expensive and less effective.  You’re forced to manage multiple marketing channels and overwhelmed with all the available marketing software options. 
We built Referral Rock for you by focusing on doing three things better than anyone else.

Speed to setup

Get up in running in days with prebuilt templates, an intuitive program builder, built in best practice, and our amazing onboarding team.


Control everything from the design, messaging, email copy, rewards, and more. Match your look and feel. No coding required.


Set it and forget it with our advanced workflow automation, integrations, email/advocate nurturing, and fraud management.

Speed to setup

Design Wizard & Templates

Build best-in-class referral programs with our personalized wizards and program templates.
  • Design Wizard to match your needs and goals
  • Prebuild Templates based on your answer
  • Program Audits to ensure best practices

Intuitive Program Bulider

Easy to use builder to setup and launch your program.
  • Simple, clean editor
  • No coding required
  • Step-by-step instructions

Smart Audits

Incorporate referral marketing best practices with our smart audits.

  • Suggestions based on your program goals
  • Built in best practices
  • Real-time referral expertise

Personalized Onboarding

Work with your customer success manager to launch and optimize your referral program.
  • Referral marketing expert
  • Technical and integration engineer
  • Personalized referral marketing and promotion strategies

Reporting and Analytics

Optimize your referral program with indepth reporting and analytics.
  • Detailed analytics and graphs
  • Test and measure results
  • Download data for further analysis


Advocate Experience

Control your advocate experience across all of your marketing channels and touch points.
  • Match your brand and design
  • Control your story and make it easy to share with prewritten advocate messages
  • Multiple sharing channels (social, email, SMS, and more)

Referral Experience

Control the referral experience from conversion to sale.
  • Capture referrals using existing webpages, forms, or apps
  • Create personalized landing pages and lead capture forms directly

Branded Emails

Created branded emails that are personalized to your advocates.
  • Powerful email editor to create beautifully designed emails
  • Email templates to keep a consistent look and feel
  • Built in sharing directly from your advocates email​

Reward Rules

Configure your reward rules to only create and distribute rewards when your specific conditions are met.
  • Complete control with advanced reward rules based on tiers, referral statuses, and purchase amount
  • Triggered based reward emails
  • Multiple reward options including Gift Cards, PayPal, Coupons, Prepaid Visa, and anything else you want to offer

Custom Domains

Configure your reward rules to only create and distribute rewards when your specific conditions are met.
  • Sharing and referral links use domain
  • Send emails from your domain


System Integrations

Connect Referral Rock to the systems and tools you use everyday. We’ll adapt to your process and workflow, not the other way around.
  • Direct Integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, email marketing, etc.)
  • Javascript Libraries (website, account portal, ecommerce)
  • Open API (Customer software and applications)
  • Zapier (Over 1,000 applications and growing)

Reward Fullfillment

Automatically process and distribute rewards based on predetermined reward rules.
  • Hassle-free electronic distribution
  • Batch payments
  • Detailed reward history and payment analytics

Advocate Nurturing

Continue to engage and nurture with your advocates after they join your referral program.
  • Workflow and email automation
  • Send personalized campaigns based on schedules or targeted behaviors
  • Monthly reminders to keep your program top of mind

Fraud Prevention

Protect against fake referrals with our advance fraud filters

  • Configure rules to protect against fraud
  • Block fake referrals
  • Get notified to review potential fraud
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Channels and Workflows

Build referral marketing into your marketing channels and integrate with your sales workflows.
  • Add your referral program to your key customer touch points: Sales/Service Reps, Email, Website, Account Portal, Storefront, etc.
  • Map your sales process to our referral statuses
  • Make it easy for your customers to join and participate in your referral program​