Integrate with your Business

How can Referral Rock integrate with my business?

Refer a Friend Widget

Fully integrate our widget into your existing website so your users never leave your site and you can maintain your look and feel.

There is no plugin or code to install, just place the widget link on your site like any other link and you are ready to go!

Single Sign-on and Registration

Members can sign-on and register for your referral program in one click from your own site or from anywhere you can create a personalized link.

It's easy to setup by adding a user key to the link for that user.

Dedicated Referral Website

If you don't have a website to integrate with, don't worry about it. All software is hosted on Referral Rock servers on your dedicated referral rock subdomain. (i.e.

Update the look and feel of your referral site with your own logo and colors. You are also welcome to white-label your site and use your own domain.

Online and Offline Conversion Tracking

Track every new customer and which member sent them.

Tracking can be done in three main ways:
  • Online with our web pixel (simple javascript code to put on your confirm page)
  • Through our lead gen / contact form on your referral site
  • Directly from the new customer when they visit your location or call your business by using the member's code

Referral Program Design

Design a program that motivates your customers to refer your business

Multiple Programs

Run multiple distinct programs for different segments. Customers, referral partners, vip customers and any other segment. Members can even join multiple programs.

Customize Rewards

Tiered rewards, fixed amounts, percentage/commission amounts, and one time bonuses. Configure the rewards with endless flexibility as you see fit in your programs.

Customize Each Page

All pages are customizable, you can edit your copy and upload your own images or use ones from our gallery

Program Specific Integration

Every program has their own widget and integration URLs. When running multiple programs integrate across your online and offline materials.

Easy for Customers

We make it really easy for customers to refer and stay engaged.

Unique Code and URL/Link

Each member is assigned their own unique code and URL/link to share however they want. This makes it easy for the member to share and track.

Templated Messages

All email, social media, and mobile text messages can be pre-crafted by you. This allows you to control your branding and messaging while enabling the member to just share away without thinking about what they want to write.

Easy Social and Email Sharing

Our sharing pages make it easy for members to share with Facebook, Twitter and many other popular social networks.

We also enable the member to easily access their own address books from popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and others.

Keep Members in the Loop

One of the best ways to keep referrers engaged is to keep them in the loop.

Members can be notified of all activity on their dashboards and see their rewards as they are earned.

Management and Automation

Setup and design is only half of it, we help manage the whole process.

Workflow Automation

Automate where it makes sense for your business, want to automatically or manually approve referrals? What about rewards? Should they be issued automatically right away or have a holding period?

Configure your workflow based on your business.

Manage Members and Referrals

Analyze activity and see who your biggest advocates are. You can track a member and referral through every stage.

From our admin pages you can manage all of the activity and export reports.

Reward Distribution

Want us to handle reward distribution? We can do that? We can issue gift cards, pre-paid visa cards and coupons right from our system.

You can always opt to handle rewards yourself, but we'll still do all the tracking and calculations of the rewards so it's lined up for your to distribute.

Fraud Detection

Setup fraud or suspect rules to save yourself from abuse.

Members can be disabled so they are blocked and can no longer be part of your program

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