The basic concept of a customer referral program is to encourage your customers to share your business with their friends (with or without incentives).

As a consumer you may be familiar with a typical "refer-a-friend" request or "send your friend a coupon for 10% off", these are examples of ways for businesses to get more customers. Here is the typical experience:

  1. Customer has a great experience with a business
  2. The business encourages the customer to refer their friends
  3. Customer tells their friends about the business
  4. The business is grateful for the new customer

Referral Rock generates more than 200% new customers vs traditional "word of mouth", email referral forms, and referral incentive flyers.

Your customers want to refer you, the problem is most of them don't have the time to:

1) find their friends email addresses
2) write up a nice message about you
3) write in your contact information... you get the idea, it's a lot of work!

There are three types of ways to integrate Referral Rock into your business:

  1. You have a base referral site (your own website is not required) that you register for (i.e.
  2. Every program you setup has it's own URL (i.e. so you can run multiple programs at the same time aimed at different customers.
  3. Every program also has it's own to widget. It's as easy to install as adding a external link to your website.

We classify two ways to get customers to your referral program:

1. Active - Where the program is the focus of the user action.

  • Web site pop ups (like our widget)
  • An email specifically about the referral program launch
  • A well timed step in a user process that is for referring friends (like activating an account)

2. Passive - Where the program is not the focus but more of a side item for them to find or be peripherally aware of.

  • Email signature
  • Website widget / side column
  • Bottom of an invoice
  • Menu item on your website

It's up to you, but we would caution against having too many "active" in your face mentions of your referral program, so you don't have overexposure and wear out any good equity you have built up with your customers.

We would suggest doing a only a couple active mentions of it, but letting them know where they can otherwise find it. A good time would be once you know the customer is satisfied or happy with your product or service. We like to ask later down the road a bit (maybe 10 days), just so they don't feel like everything you are doing is coming at them. Asking right away before they even know if they like you has a low probability of success.

All of the passive ones are OK to have. Except I would only put one on the website but make it easy to find.

Yes it's in the Professional Plan, where you can use your own custom domain and all "Referral Rock" branding is removed.

During your trial you will be able to:

  1. Design and build your programs
  2. Launch your live programs to your customers
  3. Watch new business roll in!

We have helped small businesses like yours get more business every week!

  • All your live programs will be suspended
  • All your data stays (programs you created, referrals, leads…)
  • You can still design and build programs, you just won't be able to make them live and accessible to your customers.
  • Visits to any links you or your customers sent out during the trial will be sent to a page telling them the program is no longer available.
  • The page will be based on the site you created which includes your logo and links back to your website.

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