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We are constantly updating Referral Rock based on feedback, feature requests, and discussions with customers.  We wanted to summarize some of the features that have been added recently, but you may have missed:

  1. Multiple Promotions – The ability to have multiple promotions has been a highly requested feature.  Currently, it is fairly minimal, but there will be many more improvements.  (If you go to the promotion tab, you can add as many promotions as you want)
    • Each promotion has it’s own unique web URL and widget, so you can send customers directly to the specific promotion
    • You can mark any single promotion as the “Default” promotion, so if a customer goes to your Referral Rock site without a promotion (i.e. they will be forwarded to the default promotion.
    • Each promotion can be made active or disabled.
  2. Background Image – Update your own background image for the referral site (Select the site settings on the top right)
  3. Promotion Images – Add images to your promotions (Go to Preview/Edit for your promotion)
    • A different image can be added for both referrers and new customers pages
    • Adding an image of the reward is helpful so that the customers can visualize the reward

More on the way and take a look at the last product update we did at Referral Rock.


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