December 2016: PayPal and More Resources

This month has been all about streamlining the payout process. With a new Paypal automation and other improvements, we make it easier for you to manage payouts.

Updated September 11, 2020

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It’s been a crazy month at Referral Rock! We’re excited about these recent updates.


Now it’s easier to reward your members and grow your referral program by automating PayPal directly from Referral Rock. Just deposit money into an escrow account and start issuing PayPal. Provide your members with more reward options and reduce referral administrative and management. Do all of this through our new PayPal payout automation.

Managing payouts

Reduce administrative work by using batch payouts to make multiple payments to your members at once. You can now batch all earned rewards to single or multiple members at the same time, without having to manually click through and issue each payment.

This lets you better manage cash flow and schedule payments without being overloaded with extra work. Set payout eligibility rules to choose when a payout can take place.

Resource support center

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we’ve created a resource support center. This will host all our key documents, best practice guides, videos, blogs, etc. It’s just our way of giving you easy access to our most helpful material.

The resource support center integrates directly with our knowledge base. It is constantly updated with new material to help you improve your referral program.

Greater integration and API improvements

This is a big one for us this month. We just released the latest update to the Referral Rock API to help you seamlessly integrate your referral program into all your existing sales and marketing systems.

Previously, you could update the members, referrals, and payouts through our API and Zapier. Now you can update, issue, and manage rewards. Just another way of making it easier to run your referral program through your existing management systems.

As always, let us know if you have suggestions for updates. We are constantly working to make Referral Rock even better! In fact, check out our last product update.

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