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Here at Referral Rock, we have been working hard running test groups with customers and gathering direct feedback.  We are on the road trying to make the best customer referral service possible!

Here are the updates made this month:

Major Product Changes

  1. Website Widget – We’ve finally launched our website widget feature.   (existing customers can see it here)
    • The website widget has been one of our most requested features, so we were excited to create it.
    • We designed it to be as simple as possible requiring the same skills it takes to create a link on a page.
    • We also wanted it to look great and mesh well with the user experience.
  2. Streamlined Customer Promotion Workflow – We made a significant change to the first page the customers see with your offer.
    • We no longer have the “testimonial” feature, where your customer picks a “testimonial” message as one of the first steps.  Now the customer chooses directly how to share and only fills out the required information.
    • In our testing, we found the “testimonial” was a speed bump for customers that often lead to confusion about what was going to happen next.  Testing the new simplified page has resulted in a higher number of registered referrers and a higher number of referrals made.

Minor Product Changes

  1. Removed the Facebook Email Option – This feature tended to be confusing to users and was not very reliable.  It often resulted in messages being marked as SPAM or was not delivered at all.
  2. “Dark Grey” Site Template – This site template has now been fixed.  Previously some of your text could not be seen.
  3. Contact Email Display – There is now an option under “Site Settings” where you can hide the contact email address from the top of your referral site.

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