October 2015: Improved Control on How Your Referrers Share

This product update answers one of our most popular customer requests: campaign sharing. Whether it's social media or email, you can choose what works best.

Updated September 11, 2020

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We’ve had a number of customer requests regarding better control over a referral campaign’s sharing options. Some customers wanted more social media options and some wanted no social media sharing at all.

We’ve heard all of the requests and in the last few weeks, we’ve made many improvements in all of these areas.

Social media options

All of these options are available on the Sharing Edit Page (on page two of your campaign preview)

  1. Hide and show social networks: You can now customize what social networks display. You also have the option of hiding that whole section.
  2. Social media default message: You can edit the default message that appears for the referrer. (Note: Not all social networks let us pre-fill the message/)
  3. Social media image: You can now upload and manage the image that displays on the social media site. This image will be used on all of your campaigns. (We tried to set this by default to your logo, but social sites mostly want square images so we did our best to set your default)

Note: If the image and/or page descriptions don’t match your site, it may be because the social media site has cached the image and/or page description.

Don’t worry when a new page is created by one of your referrers, it’s a unique page and the social media site will get it fresh from our site. We are unsure of how often the sites flush their cache. You can test this yourself by either creating a new referrer and testing the process from scratch.

Don’t forget that you can delete your test account as a referrer, then register/add them again and it will be a new page that is not cached. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to us on our contact form or through our in-app support.

Email options

All of these options are available on the Sharing Edit Page (page two of your campaign preview)

  1. Hide and show email buttons: You can hide and show the “Easy” email buttons. At this point, you can’t control them individually, but if you don’t want the sharing option, it can be removed.
  2. On page email form hide: In line with our other customization options, you can hide the on page email form
  3. Choose your own number of email address inputs: You can now choose your own number of email address input boxes. Our previous default lets referrers send to as many friends as possible, but now you can limit them and their choices. You can also choose how many emails are required.

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