February 2016: Enhanced Rewards and Improved Customer Pages

It's been said customers always come first. We make it easier for you to do so with some great new platform features and improved customer pages.

Updated September 11, 2020



Here at Referral Rock, we understand your business is unique. We’ve made it easier for you to use our product and customize it to fit your specific needs in order to maximize your customer referral program.

You will notice some great new features in our platform regarding more reward features and improved customer (member and referral) pages. We have also made some nice updates to your internal admin pages and member functions.

1. New reward features

Customer referral programs are built on great reward offerings. Crafting the right rewards for your program is essential to building your business. We have added some great new features to our rewards that will allow you to completely customize a reward process that fits your business needs.

  • Tiered rewards: Member rewards can be customized using our new reward tiers.
  • Fixed- or percentage-based rewards: We have also added the option for rewards to be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the referral amount.

2. Improved Member and Referral Pages

Also, we have added some additional options for our Member and Referral Pages to provide you with more control over how the pages will look and feel to your customers.

  • New layout options: You now have the ability to change the layout from single to double columns as well as the alignment of your member offer. (This applies to the Member and Referral Pages)
  • Member statistics actual rewards: If you enable the feature, members can now view both pending and issued rewards. Since rewards can now be set amounts, the system can correctly display reward amounts.
  • Referral page auto-redirect: We have also updated the Referral Page to be set to auto redirect if you want the new customer to skip the Referral Landing Page and go straight to your site.


3. Other member features

You might also notice some new functionality surrounding members.

  • Member disable: You can now disable members without removing their history. We some events in the past month where members were abusing programs. As an admin, you now have the ability to disable a member, which makes their pages inaccessible.
  • Member Page resend: We also want to empower your members to continue to spread the word about your customer referral program on their own. We now provide them with the ability to request access to their Member Page via email.

4. Admin pages

The admin pages you use to manage your referral programs just got a little easier to use.

  • Filter lists by program: We have made it easier to search through your member, referral, and reward lists by adding the ability to filter by program and uniform icons.
  • Confirmation screens: We have also added a confirmation screen when adding approving a referral and added a summary of changes once completed in order for you to quickly gauge the changes in your customer base.

We hope these new features help you build a referral program that is unique as your business. If you believe there is an issue or need help navigating these new changes, feel free to reach out to the Referral Rock team!

See the previous Referral Rock product update that discusses our new lingo.

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