Category: Product Updates


March 2017: More Member Notifications

In this product update, we bring you more – more flexibility in Member Page design, more member communication, and many more features to benefit your program.


December 2016: PayPal and More Resources

This month has been all about streamlining the payout process. With a new Paypal automation and other improvements, we make it easier for you to manage payouts.


October 2016: Admin UI Improvements

This month brings several major updates to our platform interface. Expect a new and exciting look across your dashboards, and some added user-friendly features.


September 2016: Managing Your Teams

Good teamwork plays a big part here at Referral Rock. If you’re company’s the same, we have some great new team-focused features in store for you.


August 2016: Tracking and Analytics

How can you tell your referral program is working? Tracking and analytics. Our latest update highlights our latest Google Analytics integration.