How Referral Marketing Software Helps Any Businesses Get More Referrals

Referral marketing promotion

All businesses have referrals waiting to happen. Customers and partners want to refer you, but you didn't make it easy. Referral marketing software does the heavy lifting for you.

A top notch referral program automates the ask and rewards the advocate in a way that makes sense for the business.

Leading to increased word of mouth and a unlocking referrals you didn't know you had.

Referral marketing software that works with the platforms you are already using

Marketers love referral marketing

Marketers love how they can control the experience, unlock more referrals, and get faster results, all while integrating with how they work.

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Word of mouth marketing is a powerful driver of business growth.  

Referral marketing software works because people are more likely to be influenced by product recommendations from friends. This has been proven time and time again. 

study by Nielsen found that people trust recommendations from friends and family over all other sources. 

Key benefits of referral marketing software

It has never been easier for software to help you do all the referral marketing best practices that used to be too difficult to do yourself.

MOre referrals

Referral marketing software allows you to automate the "ask" for a referral, nurture them to keep sharing. Once their friend shows up, they are not treated like the typical lead. The referral is handled is in a way where they welcomed by their friend and the experience is catered to their relationship. This means higher conversions for your business and overall better experience.

easy for you

Tracking referrals used to be time consuming and prone to mistakes. Once you build and launch your program, a referral program can run itself. Automations and fraud protection are built-in to talk to your other systems of record. All you have to do is approve the rewards and let the software do the heavy lifting.

Built in automations makes everything easier

Marketing Software

Integrates with all marketing software. Using UTM code tracking and direct google analytics code in every page. Even launching program invites from your marketing automation software.

Reward Fulfilment

Issue Visa debit cards, Amazon gift cards, coupons, store credit, even send money through PayPal automatically with a push of a button.

Ecommerce Software

Integrate into just about any ecommerce software. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or your custom solution. While making it easy to capture referrals as they happen.

CRM Integration

Keep your multi-step sales process in lock step with the status of the referrals. Helping you to automatically calculate rewards without ever leaving your system of record.

Email Automation

Send all the referral related emails automatically. Monthly updates, reminders, event notifications, even invites into the referral program to create a viral loop.

Fraud Protection

Our software detects for fraudulent referrals, instead of wasting your referral marketing budget. Finally giving you the ability to block referrals before they happen.

So how do I setup referral software?

Referral Program Design

Design the referral program with our customizable software that aligns with your marketing initiatives.

  • Single or dual sided rewards
  • Custom reward rules and incentives
  • Multi-step referral tracking
  • Custom domains and email templates

Premium Advocate Experience

Our refer a friend widgets make programs easy to join for all of your customers, partners and advocates.  Let our software do the work to nurture your best referrers into sharing more and more.

  • Dedicated advocate portal
  • Social media and mobile SMS sharing
  • Built-in email marketing automation 
  • Comprehensive stats tracking

Advanced Referral Tracking Software

Why leave referral attribution up to guesswork? Our referral tracking software makes sure you know exactly where the referral comes from, online or offline.  

The last thing you want is a advocate who doesn’t get credit for a referral.  They’ll never send you another one!

  • Dedicated referral links
  • Personalized referral codes
  • QR and Barcode tracking
  • Cookie based browser tracking

Why Referral Rock?

Our promise

Empower word of mouth and unlock hidden referrals though automating your referral marketing with best practices built-in. You'll be treated respectfully as a member of our tribe. Our goal is you are not in this app every day, our goal is that your word of mouth runs on autopilot so you can just watch them happen.

Fair low risk pricing

We believe in a value based pricing that works well for us and our customers. That's why we offer monthly plans with setup fees instead of asking you to sign up for annual contracts. We also have always grandfathered pricing, so what you buy is what you continue to pay for, in the life of your contract.

Our service commitment

We take a "People First" approach to everything where we pride ourselves on the best customer service possible. From our approach to sales, through to being a raving customers. We are here to help with all the best practices and advice, as your project manager, and your tech support to help you integrate with your existing stack.

All inclusive product

Best referral software for any business means we are a single platform to run everything you need in a referral program. No outside software necessary! But we do play well with others and are happy to integrate with all your other software services. Our goal is to automate as much as possible, while making it easy to be as "done for you" as possible.

"First of all, this is the best referral software because it's super easy to manage and track key analytics. All right inside our member referral program in our own website. Above all the user interface is intuitive making everything simplified for both members and staff."
Jay Brown
Digital Marketing, YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Our referral software can work for your business